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Hi Paov,

As you know, the U.S. is facing an end to the Net Neutrality rules that prevent big Internet service providers from abusing their power at the expense of everyday people.1

What you may not know is that right here in Canada, the government is also reviewing the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts2 — the rules that govern all of our communications systems and keep Net Neutrality safe here at home.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has been asked to... provide input into the government’s process,3 and they want to hear from you.

They need to hear your message: The open Internet must be at the heart of Canada’s future communications policies.

With your help, we can save the open Internet we all know and love.


We know Big Telecom will be pushing for the new rules to allow them prioritize their own content, stifle competition, and continue to charge us for some of the most expensive Internet in the world.4 We need your voice on the record to help the CRTC understand that the future of content is the open Internet — not the outdated legacy broadcasting models that Big Telecom have been trying to prop up for years.

More and more Canadians are cutting the cord and turning to the Internet to access a wider variety of content, at more affordable rates. But we can’t let people get left behind, who can’t afford or gain access to the quality of Internet they need.

Don’t let Big Telecom force the rules that govern TV to become the framework for the Internet. Take action now: Tell the CRTC that the future of content is online, and we won’t let the Internet turn into Cable 2.0.


The CRTC’s recent decisions5 have shown its commitment to Net Neutrality, and helping ensure the entire country has access to high-speed Internet. But with these rules up for review, we need them to tell the government to protect these principles. Tell the CRTC that the future is open, affordable, high-speed Internet throughout the country, not turning the Internet into Cable 2.0.

We need a volume of submissions that is impossible for the CRTC to ignore. Thanks for being a part of it.

Yours for the Internet,
Laura on behalf of OpenMedia

P.S. This CRTC consultation is only open until December 1. Will you act now and make sure your voice is on the record before the deadline?

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