Dont Let a Union Split Tear the Labour Movement Apart

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1550 ... January 30, 2018

Don’t Let a Union Split Tear the Labour Movement Apart

Jonathan Rosenblum

Dear Canadian union sisters and brothers:

There’s a lot to admire about your labour movement.

With community organizing, creative street heat, and militant strikes, you’ve just scored the biggest win yet in the Fight for $15, forcing a pro-corporate Ontario government to raise wages for 1.7 million workers and grant new card-check union recognition rights, paid sick leave, scheduling rights, and equal pay for temporary and part-time workers. That’s inspiring! Last year’s organizing victory of 1,000 casino workers in Vancouver stands as another glowing example of grassroots power-building. And hardly a season goes by when we don’t hear about yet another militant strike by construction workers, daycare workers, and others in... Quebec, where union density stands at 40 per cent, four times the U.S. rate.

So there’s reason for us to be proud of our northern cousins, perhaps even a bit envious of you.

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