Stop anti-union aggression at AB InBev Sonepat India!

Stop anti-union aggression at AB InBev Sonepat India! r1 ...

Stop anti-union harassment and victimization

@AB InBev Sonepat India!

Management at global brewer AB InBev's plant in Sonepat, India is escalating its attacks on trade union rights at its plant in Sonepat, India. Since February, the union has been defending its rights with an ongoing non-stop protest at the factory gate and needs your support. For the past two years local managers have refused to negotiate a collective bargaining agreement with the Haryana Breweries Limited Mazdoor Union (HBLM) and opted for repression, suspending active union members and dismissing four elected union leaders including the president and the general secretary.

When selective victimization failed to break the union's struggle for rights and recognition, management orchestrated a physical attack on a peaceful union protest on April 28 outside a Sonepat government office in which a union committee member was seriously injured. A false police complaint for alleged assault was then filed against union members which resulted in the arrest of the union leadership. The arrested leaders are currently free on bail.

AB InBev Sonepat workers and their families continue their 24-hour protest at the factory gate in support of their right to union recognition and collective bargaining free from harassment and victimization. CLICK HERE TO SEND A MESSAGE to AB InBev, insisting the company act to remedy its escalating human rights abuses by reinstating with full rights all dismissed and suspended HBLM union leaders and members and withdrawing the false police charges against union leaders. Management at AB InBev's Sonepat facility must recognize the independent, democratic HBLM and engage in good faith collective bargaining with the union.

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