WE. JUST. WON. The CRTC just denied Bell’s dangerous application to censor the internet and force the end of net neutrality in Canada. And it wouldn’t have been possible without you.

The dangerous proposal would have allowed a few unaccountable corporations, like Bell, to blacklist sites. It would have put unprecedented control over what we view on the net in the hands of a handful of unaccountable, profit-driven corporations.

Luckily, you sprang into action against Bell and we won!

Big win for Net Neturality

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Members like you really did a lot to secure this win amazing win against Bell.

First, almost 100,000 members like you signed the petition calling for the end of Bell’s dangerous censorship plan. This immediately made it so... Bell couldn’t quietly slip through its plan without notice.

Then, over 40,000 of you submitted comments directly to the CRTC. But that’s not all. Because of thousands of you generously donating, you were able to plaster billboards and bus shelter ads in critical locations and flood the radio waves with calls to action against Bell’s dangerous plan. And because of those efforts, a total of 100,000 messages were sent directly to the CRTC.

It’s because of you that Bell’s underhanded attack on net neutrality has been thwarted. Without your amazing efforts and support, Bell and the CRTC may have just quietly slipped through this plan and changed the internet in Canada forever.

I just want to take a minute to celebrate this massive people-powered win. The CRTC says it ruled against this proposal because these corporations were asking it to do something it doesn’t even have the power to. And it is clear that your unprecedented pressure and opposition helped drive home the message to regulators that this was a bad idea.

But the fight’s not over yet. Bell and its cronies are deciding whether or not to appeal this landmark decision, and it gets worse: just days ago, the new free trade agreement, NAFTA 2.0, was signed -- with massive and troubling attacks on our digital rights. New copyright agreements could empower Bell and other major telecommunications companies to attack net neutrality again. That’s why we need you help now -- to campaign against Bell’s appeal, and NAFTA 2.0’s dangerous copyright proposals and ensure a safe and open internet in Canada.

Will you chip in CA$90 to protect net neutrality?

We will never have the financial might of telecommunications giants like Bell. But together, we proved that we have some better: people power. This win is just another example of what we can do. It’s proof that when we all work together, and chip in a little, we can make huge things happen.

Corporations are never going to stop wanting more and more control over the internet. A free and open internet is critical to the democratization of the internet -- which is why corporations want control. We know that Bell, and other corporations like it, won’t stop pushing for control. And that’s why we want to be there at every turn to stop them.

But we can’t do that without your support. We’re a small team of three staff in Canada, but we know how to make the most of every penny, so we can help you secure huge wins like this.

Will you chip in CA$90 to protect net neutrality?

Thanks for all that you do,
Emma, Amelia, Angus and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

CRTC rejects call to block content pirates, citing lack of jurisdiction, The Globe and Mail, October 2 2018.
CRTC rejects call to block content pirates in setback for Bell, Rogers, CBC coalition, The Financial Post, October 2 2018.

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