Shining a light on the BC governments logging agency

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Shining a light on the BC government’s logging agency r1 ...

We built a tool to map government destruction of critical forests

Hi Paov,

Working to protect non-renewable old-growth forests and shift to sustainable forestry doesn’t just mean reigning in powerful corporate interests — it also means stopping our own government.

The provincial government doesn’t just regulate logging in BC, they plan about 20 per cent of it themselves with their own agency, BC Timber Sales (BCTS).

In the last few years, BCTS has been behind some of the most contentious logging in the province.

We’ve worked to highlight this government-sponsored destruction in places like Schmidt Creek and the Skagit Headwaters, but there hasn’t been a one-stop-shop to give the public a clear look at the scope of BCTS’ operations in the province.

So we built one.

Check out the new BCTS Storymap! Launched today, our ArcGIS StoryMap, entitled BCTS: A government agency out of control, shows the extent of BCTS’ operations and examples of what kind of logging it plans and highlights some key areas where irreplaceable forests are being destroyed as I write this.

The best part is that this StoryMap isn’t finished — it’s just getting started. We’re calling on people from all over BC to get in touch with us with location information, photos, and stories about what’s at stake in BCTS areas near them. Working together, we can build a clear picture of the damage this agency is doing on our behalf and build momentum to stop it.

Please let us know if you’ve got questions or feedback about BCTS or this Storymap. Thank you for all your work for the ancient ecosystems of this province.

For the forests, P.S. This summer is one of the most critical moments ever in the fight to protect ancient forests in BC. If you haven’t already joinedr0.

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