The Struggle Continues - Join the Work Camp

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Take a stand. Make your voice heard. Stand with others in any way that you can.

Not everyone is able to, or has the capacity, to put themselves on the frontlines... to those who can - do so. If you want change, or want to stand for the rights of others, remember that you can’t rely on those who are fighting oppression daily, to always take the lead... If you want change, stand up and make change happen.

Will you put your comfort aside to stand with those who have no choice but to fight?

Will you utilize your voice to be heard as a collective - for the greater good... or will you only use your voice when it’s safe, and/or you’re publicly acknowledged for it (social media, etc)?

If you see the human rights infringements occurring today, and acknowledge they’re wrong... If you see our future being systematically destroyed... If you see corporations & Industry profiting while people struggle... Will you take a stand and be heard??

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The work of the Unist’ot’en Healing Centre has continued despite the ongoing invasion of the Yin’tah by CGL and the RCMP, and the health impacts of the global COVID-19 pandemic. The struggle of Black communities for Black Lives during this time has both added to a shared revolutionary movement for Liberation while also calling on us all to dig deep to find resilience. In this time of intense struggle and hardship, we hope you will be able to find the reserves to join us as we continue our work to create a place of healing for our people.

What keeps us going is hope for the future, joy in our community, and determination to do what needs to be done. In that spirit, we are holding a summer work camp to repair and build urgently needed infrastructure around the Healing Centre.

From August 25th until Sept 7th, we encourage you to apply to join our team in a socially distant and responsible two week push to ensure the Unist’ot’en can continue crucial healing work.

We’re especially interested in hearing from folks who already have aptitude in: carpentry and construction, plumbing, electrical, mechanics, and building of all kinds. We could also use an experienced cook who can stick around after work camp for a few weeks to a few months.

If you aren’t skilled in those areas but want to work hard, learn skills, work in a team, and can follow instructions, we also want to hear from you! Returning work camp folks, get registered and get on up here!
We will have a dedicated kitchen team monitoring food and sanitation, strict covid-19 screening will be in place to keep all of our communities safe, and folks will be asked to bring camping gear. Please be prepared to stay outdoors. It’s throwback work camp, 2014 style!

Please apply through and be prepared to be interviewed. No one will be allowed at work camp without going through screening and registration first. Please do not fly to camp unless you can self isolate for 14 days before interacting with folks in the North.

If you can stay longer, we encourage you to apply!
Spots are very limited.

Bring your hammers, your face masks, and your dancing shoes for when the work day is done. Sleep under the stars, swim in the river, eat good food, and go hard for what you know is the right side of history.
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