State of BC Health - September 2020

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Sept_Title_Logo.pngYour monthly update from the BC Health Coalition

UPDATE The Cambie Trial: It was always about profits -- not people

"Private healthcare predominantly benefits the wealthy and healthy"

Just a little over two weeks ago, BC Supreme Court Justice Steeves wrote those words in his landmark Cambie decision protecting public health care. Justice Steeves repeatedly made the point that a duplicative private health care system would degrade... care for most people – lead to longer wait times, higher costs for worse care, and tilt the system in favour of the wealthy who could pay for their care. Read more highlights of the decision HERE.

For over ten years, the BC Health Coalition along with our friends at Canadian Doctors for Medicare have been engaged in this legal challenge to protect public health care. This is obviously a huge joyous moment for all of us and we could not have done it without your support. From volunteers to help us monitor court proceedings to generous donors who provided the funding for our Legal Defense Fund, we are thankful to have such an engaged and generous membership that understands the importance of a universal public health care system. A health system that is available to all - no matter their income, where they live, or who they know. The fight is not over yet. We know that Dr. Day and Cambie Surgeries will file an appeal of this decision. We need your support to continue to defend public health care as we head into an election. We also know we need to continue the work of improving the public health care system to reduce wait times for all of us. Clearly, those solutions will not be found in the private health care system. Let's go back to defending and improving the public health care system! Join our email list for Cambie updates HERE and consider donating to our Legal Defense Fund HERE. You can view the most recent updates on our website HERE.

TAKE ACTION Join discussion on urgent reform of Long-term Care

Take_Action.pngThe Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations of BC (COSCO) and the National Pensioners’ Federation (NPF) are hosting a national webinar focused on highlighting reforms needed in long-term care residences. Guest speakers on the webinar will discuss changes needed in LTC so seniors can live in safety and enjoy a quality of life that enables them to live in dignity. The webinar will take place on Friday, September 25 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET. Register HERE.

OPINION Public Health Care Just Won Big in BC

The evidence has clearly shown that private, for-profit health care drains resources from the public system and leaves us with longer wait times. Creating a two-tier health care system would mean the wealthy get the care they need fast, and the rest of us have to wait even longer. Read on HERE.


  • Profits before patients? The Tyee has released a series on the corporate push into health care that is worth reading. Read more.
  • Ban all street checks in Vancouver and BC Over 90 organizations in BC are calling to an immediate ban on the arbitrary, racist, and illegal practice of police street checks. Read more.
  • Decreasing wait-times We need to do better to deal with our wait list crisis. However, private pay is not the cure for the Canadian health system’s wait-times. Read more.
  • Improving public health care With the recent decision on the Cambie court case, it's time to refocus on federal, provincial and territorial policies that we know will improve the health of people across Canada. Read more.

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