BCSEA November 2020 Newsletter

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Message from our Board Director - Paul Rasmussen

I’d like to start out by talking a little about our upcoming Annual General Meeeting to be held . Although Covid-19 has been challenging for BCSEA and for us all, one positive thing is that our virtual AGM will be easily accessible by everybody in BC and beyond. While many people may think that an AGM would be boring, it can actually be much more interesting than you think. You will have a chance to get a real picture of BCSEA, our exciting new initiatives, the state of our ongoing initiatives, our challenges, and what our 4 local Chapters have been up to. It’s also a chance for you to ask questions of board members, staff, and other BCSEA members and activists and even to present some of your own ideas about what you’d like to see BCSEA doing. So we hope you will join us! It’s just a few clicks away. Find more information here. Policy Updates BCUC Approves New Rate to Boost Electricity Load On October 14, 2020, the BC Utilities Commission approved a new optional rate pilot program designed to incent large customers to increase their consumption of clean electricity.The Incremental Energy Rate is an optional rate available to customers that receive electricity from BC Hydro at transmission voltages (aka industrial customers). The new rate applies only to electricity that is over and above a participating customer’s historical usage. The price under the new rate can be attractive because it varies with the price of electricity on the wholesale market, which is usually lower than BC Hydro’s regular rates for transmission service customers. The price under the new rate is somewhat higher than the actual market price, so that other BC Hydro ratepayers benefit too. The Incremental Energy Rate was approved as a pilot program effective January 1, 2020 to March 31, 2024. Read more here.
BCUC Grapples with Fast-charging Rates The BC Utilities Commission is now grappling with the rates that a public utility is allowed to charge EV drivers at public fast-charging stations. First up is the FortisBC utility that provides electricity to customers in south central BC. Next will be BC Hydro.Back in December 2017, FBC applied for approval of rates ($0.30 per minute, or $9.00 per half hour) at its growing number of fast-charging stations. The Commission gave interim approval. However, the BCUC then undertook an intensive inquiry into the regulation of EV charging services across the province. (BCSEA participated actively.)

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BCSEA's 'Virtual Speaker Series'

Are you a sustainable energy professional with an interesting topic you’d like to share with a broad audience? BCSEA webinars are viewed and replayed by thousands of people within British Columbia, Canada and around the world. Please consider being part of our upcoming virtual speaker series:

Submit your topic Chapter Updates Kamloops Chapter Earlier this fall, the Kamloops Chapter used all of our communication channels to encourage our audience to participate in the public engagement phase of the draft Community Climate Action Plan that is being developed by the City of Kamloops. That phase has concluded now and the project team is analyzing the results to present them to Council later this year. Our volunteers are also working on two projects behind the scenes and will be happy to share those with you when we’re sure they’re going ahead!
Victoria Chapter

BC election questionnaire candidate responses:

For the BC election, the Victoria Chapter teamed up with Parents for Climate, For Our Grandkids and For Our Kids to put five critical climate action questions to all the candidates in our seven local constituencies. The questions and responses are currently posted here.

Nineteen of the twenty-seven local candidates responded, with many interesting ideas.

Some answers were obviously cut and pasted from party platforms. Others were individually crafted. Some were vague or wishful. Others were specific and realistic. All showed a commitment to addressing climate change and moving off fossil fuels.
Chapter AGM: See more from the Victoria Chapter. Okanagan Chapter Our Okanagan Chapter is actively participating in the local climate dialogue, asking questions, and seeking allies to lever access towards a more sustainable future. The steering committee met online this month for the first time since April, getting reacquainted and energized. We tentatively scheduled our next online meeting for 3:30 PM on November 21, 2020, to discuss the Provincial AGM, our next steps, and welcome new steering committee members. Please contact us if you would like to be involved.
Canadian Renewable Energy Forum

The Canadian Renewable Energy Forum builds on the legacy of solar and wind energy industry events that have been the vanguard for opportunities and advocacy in Canada. Nov. 9

Learn More Accelerating the Implementation of Renewable Energy

Governing the implementation of community energy plans through local not-for-profit intermediaries and delivery partners. Nov. 19

Learn More Accelerating the Implementation of Renewable Energy
This presentation will showcase a series of resources – compiled into a ‘protocol’ – that can increase capacity for municipalities to accelerate implementation of renewable energy. Dec. 9
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