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Tasha Schmopey DiamantCaptain Cook came down July 1. A powerful completion to a day of actual truth and coming together, if not “reconciliation.” (Update: I changed the photo to one from July 2, where Captain Cook stood. It is wrong to cover it up and to take away the red dresses that replaced it. I’ll be writing another letter.)
I also sent this related letter to the CBC ombudsman yesterday: Dear Mr. Nagler:I am writing on July 1, 2021. As you may know, this is a day when Canadians across the country are finally acknowledging the genocidal practices of our governments, in larger numbers than ever before, instead of celebrating Canada Day. My city of Victoria was a sea of orange today.As you may also know, hundreds of people in British Columbia have just died in a heatwave never before recorded in the history of Canada and the town of Lytton, BC, has burnt to the ground.I just heard the 4:00 pm hourly CBC radio news. I don't remember the exact quote but Premier John Horgan made a statement to the effect of "we must all be cautious to not cause any more fires" without mentioning climate change or that the resource extraction practices he condones and subsidizes cause climate change. And the CBC reporter interviewed Mike Farnworth calling him, without irony, the Minister of Public Safety. Farnworth said something to the effect of "we will find out the cause of the fire in Lytton."Um, any 6-year-old will tell you the extreme heatwave caused the fire. And any middle school student will tell you that climate change caused the heatwave. And millions, perhaps billions, of scientists, policy makers, actuarial researchers, researchers in many fields, Indigenous people, and almost anyone whose diet of information is not mainstream news will tell you that climate change has come about because of non-stop resource extraction, development, and other barely regulated industrial practices that profit very few people handsomely—no matter how much it hurts the rest of us.Did the CBC reporter or announcer mention even those two words: "climate change"? No, they did not.Has CBC ever criticized capitalism, the super rich, and their government enablers? I see very little evidence of it.As I write, unarmed peaceful people are putting themselves in harm's way and risking arrest to protect some of the very very very last ancient trees in BC. Premier John Horgan promised to do this but instead he, Mike Farnworth again (in his role as BC's Solicitor General), and Prime MInister Trudeau have deployed the national police force to often violently and unconstitutionally arrest more than 300 people.Forestry practices in BC have arguably caused more harm to the world's atmosphere and caused more climate change damage than any other resource extraction game in Canada. The BC government actively enables and subsidizes the forestry industry. Yet less than 2% of British Columbians are employed by forestry, compared to 16-18% in tourism/hospitality. And the logging of the last of BC's old growth forests (less than 3% left) profits very few already rich people (e.g., Tom and Dick Jones, whose company, Teal Jones, openly says in its business plan that they will log the last of the ancient trees in the areas where the government gives them licenses). Also, in 2011, the pension fund of the RCMP bought Timberwest, a Vancouver Island logging company, for $1 billion. The RCMP is using tens of millions of our tax dollars to act as private security not only for the forestry industry but for themselves. Has CBC ever reported on these connections? I see no evidence of it.How is this protecting "public safety"? How are violent arrests of people doing the job the premier promised to do "public safety"? Does the CBC ever question whether a minister does the job his title suggests? I see no evidence of it.How can it be 2021 and the national broadcasting corporation reports incidents like the Lytton fire and 45 degree heat in British Columbia without mentioning climate change? Or late stage capitalism?How does this relate to genocide? The whole country was founded to take land from Indigenous people and transfer wealth to already rich people. Those of us whose ancestors settled here or came later, have been duped into thinking it's something else. Does the CBC ever mention that? I see little evidence of it.Winnipeg and Victoria trashed a couple of colonial statues today. I wonder if CBC will report these incidents with anything resembling actual reasons why.I don't expect a critique of capitalism from the CBC anytime soon, but I do hope I will hear the words climate change linked to the most dangerous heatwave in Canadian history.Sincerely, Tasha Diamant

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