Were in a climate emergency

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Dear Paov,

We are living in a climate emergency.

Communities are reeling from the devastating impacts as wildfires burn across BC and Canada, and hundreds of deaths have occurred due to extreme heat. The planet is showing us that we, and our elected leaders, need to treat the climate crisis like a true emergency – one that requires meaningful, tangible action NOW.

TAKE ACTION: Tell the government to do better to protect our communities from heat waves and climate change Storefront sign reading The BC government is currently seeking feedback on its Climate Preparedness & Adaptation Strategy. Spoiler alert: it leaves a lot to be desired. With the recent heat wave and ongoing wildfires in BC, there’s no better time to urge the government to deliver tangible, measurable steps to keep communities safe.

Read our analysis of BC’s Adaptation Strategy in this blog post by Staff Lawyer Andrew Gage – and take action by sharing your views with the government before the deadline on August 12th.
Tipping Points: What Blueberry River First Nations’ court victory means for ecosystems and biodiversity Deer overlooking industrial development in Blueberry River FN territory A recent court victory by Blueberry River First Nations could have far-reaching implications for transforming how BC manages the cumulative effects of development.

Our latest blog explores how this case could and should propel BC toward new legal approaches that look at the big picture, prioritize Indigenous rights and protect the needs of ecosystems and communities. See our full case comment for a deeper look at the judgment and potential implications.
Recent revelations about Exxon’s continued fight against climate change resonate in Canada Handshake image over Exxon oil refinery New revelations about Exxon's lobbying efforts in the U.S. are raising questions about Big Oil's influence on policies here in Canada. While polluting corporations may claim to be partners in fighting climate change, behind closed doors, their strategies often aim to undermine climate action.

Our team dug into the records to see how much Exxon’s subsidiaries are lobbying Canadian officials, looking at the impact these strategies can have on the environment and democracy.
Is Canada’s Impact Assessment Act working? Report cover feat. map of Canada on yellow background The federal Impact Assessment Act was enacted in 2019 to improve the way Canada reviews new projects and proposals such as pipelines, dams and mines. But is the law living up to its promise?

Along with allies, we have published a new report highlighting challenges and opportunities for improvement – including the need to apply the law to more risky projects that still escape assessment. Check out the full report here.
Why I am not celebrating Canada Day... Orange textured map of so-called Canada Earlier this month, with renewed calls to #CancelCanadaDay resounding across the country, West Coast staff shared their thoughts on what this day meant to them this year, and what we’ve been doing to ground ourselves in this time of grief over Canada’s ongoing colonial legacy.

Read our staff members’ reflections here.

*Trigger warning: This post discusses colonial violence and residential schools*

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