Fairy Creek Commentary: total destruction of the planet

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By: Aaron Richmond
August 29th, 2021
"How come it is easier to imagine the total destruction of the planet than it is to imagine the idea of collective responsibility?"
-Slavoz Zizeck

That's easy: Ego.

I think Uncle Slavoz was trying to provoke solidarity when he asked that question. It wasn't really a question. More like a statement. Is that what they call a rhetorical question? I'd google it...but Google doesn't work behind the blockades at Fairy Creek.

I took some time off from the blockade to explore my surrounds. I found this grotto at the end of an old, disused logging road. It's a rare thing to see. Most Forest Defenders haven't seen this. What is pictured here is actually Fairy Creek! Our blockades are flanking this primordial watershed. I went out of my way to finally get a look inside the ancient, inaccessible watershed. It was a welcome escape from the egos one can encounter at a collective effort like Fairy Creek.

The women measure the breadth of their political dedication. The men measure the size of their dicks. Egos are not uncommonly displayed at the blockades. However, where we truly shine is in our collective ethos. That's the time we collectively check our egos at the door and start doing remarkable things. A very tough thing to pull off...considering the conditioning we've suffered under our colonialist/capitalist culture. A culture that would easily endure self-annihilation rather than confront the boo-boo of a bruised ego.

Maybe that's what this whole fucking fiasco is about. If reason is the anti-christ of the unchecked ego, well...we're sure seeing evidence of that at Fairy Creek. Lets check out the players...

NDP/John Horgan: Talked super tough. Got called on the BIG OLD GROWTH LIE. Had a hissy-fit and called us colonialists. Now it's, "I can't influence the RCMP." You're the Premier of the fucking province, you coward. OF COURSE YOU CAN INFLUENCE THE RCMP.
Ego meter: Even the German judge gives a 9.9

The RCMP: Well...where to begin! Over millennia, worldwide, the police have been the bulldogs of wealthy interests. (We knew that already) It seems times never change! Their infantile reactions whilst raiding our camps were breathtakingly despicable. Was their infantilism ego based? Or did we get a little too close to their bosses? (Teal Jones)

The Vigilantes: Dumb-ass rednecks. Still...when employed by the RCMP...they have authority.

Forest Defenders: We have the truth on our side, friends. It's a privilege to be in the company of those heroes.