Gidimt'en Checkpoint Releases video of CGL Eviction Enforcement

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Gidimt'en Release Video Of Eviction Enforcement

Land defenders seize CGL excavator and use it to disable the road to Gidimt'en Territory stopping pipeline construction.
As colonial governments sabotage efforts to avert disastrous global warming and historic flooding batters Coast Salish territories the Wet'suwet'en are doing whatever it takes to defend their land and all of our collective futures. Solidarity keeps the frontline safe! All Eyes on Wet'suwet'en! Video Update from Gidimt'en Checkpoint:
"Yesterday, we took our land back.

With our Haudenosaunee allies, we enforced our ancient trespass laws and have permanently closed access to our territory. The Morice Forest Service Road has been destroyed and access to Coastal Gaslink is no longer possible.

We are upholding our responsibility to defend our sacred headwaters and put an end to the destruction of the Yintah.

We will never give up.

Join the resistance and come to the yintah.