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Dear Paov,

Here’s one statistic that’s been on my mind lately:

Between July and October 2022, parts of BC had up to 98% less rainfall compared to other years during this period. This affected people, water sources, and wildlife.

Globally, the impacts of climate change are devastatingly worse.

Oil and gas companies continue to rake in billions of dollars daily in profit while leaving millions of people suffering from extreme floods, heatwaves and other climate catastrophes around the world. DONATE TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE
Paov, those who are least responsible for climate change face the most devastating climate impacts.

This summer, we launched Sue Big Oil – a campaign calling on local governments to protect residents from the impacts and costs of climate change. We are calling for local governments to work together to launch a class action lawsuit targeting the world’s largest oil companies, to hold them accountable for the harms they are causing our communities.

As a supporter who believes in our work, we want you to be a part of a network calling for local governments to sue Big Oil. We need your help to take collective action and push governments to intervene before it’s too late.

You can play a part in taking this historic class action lawsuit to court – leaving an impact that can protect generations to come from climate disasters.
NOW IS THE TIME FOR COLLECTIVE ACTION By making a gift to West Coast Environmental Law, you can help us:

Build a movement of support for suing Big Oil in BC;

Convince local governments to join a historic class action lawsuit to Sue Big Oil;

Ensure Big Oil is held accountable for the harms they are causing BC communities.
MAKE A DIFFERENCE TODAY Although climate change is a global issue that can often feel like it’s far away from us, it’s time we turn to the solutions that are available to us locally. Your donation will support the team at West Coast as we bring more people and local governments on board the campaign to Sue Big Oil.

Please donate today and join us in our call to hold Big Oil accountable for their damage.


Fiona Koza
Climate Accountability Strategist
West Coast Environmental Law

We recognize that our readers are diverse and have unique experiences. Due to the impacts of systemic racism and colonialism, or a variety of other factors affecting financial well-being, some readers may not be able or inclined to make a monetary gift. We welcome your ongoing support and engagement with West Coast in whatever form you choose.

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