[evoz] Cafe Simpatico Feb 24 7:30 PM

The Victoria Central America Support Committee
Cafe Simpatico
February 24, 7PM (doors open) 7:30 (presentation) Paul Phillips Hall, 1923 Fernwood Road (across from the Belfry Theatre)
Peru: Constitutional Crisis and Social Explosion Peru’s right-dominated Congress impeached and arrested the country’s leftist indigenous President Pedro Castillo on December 7, 2022 after more than a year of systematically blocking his attempts to govern. What started as a constitutional crisis quickly became a social explosion as Peru’s indigenous and popular classes reacted furiously, blocking roads and airports across the country, converging on Lima to demand Congress’ dissolution, the interim President’s resignation, new elections and a constituent assembly. More than a defense of Castillo, this uprising is about his constituency’s ongoing political exclusion and the failures of neoliberalism in Peru.
Join us for a talk and discussion with noted anthropologist, author and activist, Peter Gose. Everyone is welcome!

Refreshments and Fair Trade Nicaraguan coffee. Donations gratefully accepted. Come see old friends and familiar faces as Cafe Simpatico resumes in person at the FCA Paul Phillips Hall.

Sponsored by the Victoria Central America Support Committee (CASC)

www.victoriacasc.org https://www.facebook.com/vcasc/

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