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Dear Paov,

Next month, the federal government is expected to release long-awaited regulations to cap oil and gas emissions. Let’s speak up for strong rules to ensure the oil and gas industry does its part in fighting climate change.

It’s easy for emails to go unnoticed. So we’re teaming up with climate champions across the country to send thousands of visually stunning hard-copy postcards with personalized messages to all MPs. These will be sure to get their attention!

Send a postcard now Taking action is easy (and free!) – just follow these steps:
  1. Choose your postcard design featuring creative climate-themed artwork.
  2. Write your personalized message asking for a cap on oil and gas emissions, using our simple suggested talking points.
  3. We’ll do the rest! We will handle printing and deliver your postcard to your MP.
The oil and gas industry is Canada’s largest and fastest-growing source of emissions, so these regulations will be essential in order to meet our climate targets. Reducing industry emissions is not only good for the planet, but it will also help Canada transition to a stable and prosperous clean energy economy.

Canadians and people around the world are already feeling the impacts of climate change. It’s time for Canada to do its part in reducing emissions by placing a limit on emissions from the oil and gas sector.

Join us by sending a postcard to your MP today!

Andrew Gage, Staff Lawyer
West Coast Environmental Law
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