Climate action can't wait

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Dear Paov,

Action is the antidote to despair, and this sentiment has really resonated with us this month.

Last Friday, West Coast and the Sue Big Oil team took to the streets and joined thousands of people for the Global Climate Strike to call for an end to fossil fuels – fast, fair and forever. It was an amazing turnout and we want to extend a massive thank you to everyone who co-organized and supported these events in BC and beyond! Keep scrolling for a pic of the team in action.

Community-centred action like this gives us the energy to keep going, as we turn our attention to pushing for a strong oil and gas emissions cap now that Parliament has reconvened.

The oil and gas industry is going all out to water down this policy – even though our lives and the planet depend on it. Now is the time to get loud. Read on to learn how you can support legal tools that will lead to the meaningful climate action we need.

Sue Big Oil challenges the short-term profits driving the climate crisis Climate costs can be as dramatic as the deaths from the 2021 heat dome, or the billions of dollars that Abbotsford and Merritt need to rebuild and prevent future flooding.

We need to sue Big Oil to recover a fair share of these costs and transform how we view responsibility for climate damage. Otherwise, decision-makers will continue to put short-term economic profits in the fossil fuel economy ahead of our safety, writes Staff Lawyer Andrew Gage.
Regulating Canada’s oil and gas industry with a strong emissions cap This past summer, many Canadians felt the impacts of the climate emergency firsthand, through record-breaking wildfires that destroyed communities, displaced thousands of people, and made international headlines.

Canada can't meet its climate targets until it caps emissions from its biggest polluters. In this letter, West Coast joins 250+ organizations to call on the federal government to deliver a strong, fair emissions cap for the oil and gas sector as Parliament resumes.

Add your voice by sending a postcard to your MP.
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