[evoz] Reminder: Cafe Simpatico - Friday, Sep 29

Central America Support Committee

Cafe Simpatico
Friday, September 29, 2023
Paul Phillips Hall at Fernwood Community Association 1923 Fernwood Road Doors open at 7:00 PM: Program at 7:30 PM
Join us in September for the first Cafe of the fall season.
The Guatemalan Electionimage.png

Samuel Perez de Leon teaches economics, development, and Global affairs at Pearson College. Dr. Perez will tell us how his 30 year-old son, Samuel Perez Alvarez co-founded the tiny Semilla (Seed) party, which unexpectedly gained a clear majority in the election runoff on August 28th. Bernardo Arevelo de Leon, the son of Guatemala’s first democratically President Juan Jose Arevelo, defeated former First Lady Sandra Torres, to become President. He is the son of Guatemala's first elected President, Juan Jose Arevelo, a social democrat. Semilla’s stated aim of fighting corruption has led to official harassment - police raided their offices, and a judge tried to knock them off

the ballot. The U.S. and European countries are concerned because Semilla won’t be officially inaugurated until January 2024. Anything can happen during these months because the country is run by what is known as

“The Pacto De Corruptos’ (Covenant of the corrupt.) The recent assassination of Ecuadorian Presidential candidate Fernando Villavicencio, who was also campaigning against corruption... provides a cautionary tale for Guatemala.

As well, Judy Jackson has made several films in Guatemala and will demonstrate through short film clips how shadows of the past are still extremely present in Guatemala.image.png

Judy Jackson was the first woman Director/Producer to be hired by “The Fifth Estate.” Since that time she has made over 100 documentaries about human rights and social justice which have been broadcast by the CBC, CTV, TVO, Vision TV, and Knowledge in Canada; by the BBC,
ITV and Channel 4 in England; and on the Discovery Channel and A&E in the U.S. She has won
more than 60 international awards. Her documentaries have also led to change. For example: “They Shoot Children, Don’t They?” about policemen shooting street children in Guatemala City led to international outrage and the conviction and imprisonment of four policemen. (BBC)
“Stephen Lewis: The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep.” A Trilogy of films about his amazing work as HIV/AIDs envoy to Africa raised over $1million for ‘The Stephen Lewis Foundation” (CBC ‘The Nature of Things.” “War In The Mind” about a treatment program at UBC for soldiers returning from war with PTSD and suicidal thoughts, raised $11 million to treat more soldiers. (TVO and Knowledge) “Where Can We Live In Peace” has thus far raised $41,000 US for a sanctuary where migrants
who have lost limbs because of accidents when travelling through Mexico on freight trains can recover and refocus their lives. www.Judyfilms.com

Everyone is welcome! Refreshments including Fair Trade Nicaraguan coffee. Come see old friends, meet new people, and show your support for Latin America. Donations welcome.
Sponsored by Central America Support Committee (CASC)
www.victoriacasc.org https://www.facebook.com/vcasc/
ALSO this week!
Free Film Screening: Thursday, September 28, 3 PMUVic Centre for Global Studies - Harry Hickman Building - Lecture Theatre
"Where Can We Live in Peace: The Migrant Crisis"
Award winning filmmaker, Judy Jackson, brings to North American audiences the story of ABBA House in the film "Where Can We Live in Peace?" Founded by Pastor Ignacio Ramirex in Celaya, Mexico, this shelter helps tens of thousands of migrants, many of whom are women and children, who are fleeing violence, crime, climate change and corruption in Central America.
Migrants travel on top of rapidly moving trains, and sadly some fall from "La Bestia" and lose limbs. ABBA is the only shelter in Mexico that cares for those whose dreams of new lives are shattered through accidents.
Recently, Pastor Ignacio was donated a large piece of land on which to build his vision of a Cultural and Human Rights Centre that will offer amputees medical, music and art therapy, along with educational workshops. It will be an example to the world of what is possible. We hope this event raises awareness regarding this amazing project.
The film will be followed by a panel of experts. Sponsored by the Canadian International Council and The Centre for Global Studies, UVic.

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