[evoz] From our friend KEVIN N.-Please vote for Storyhive project - International Brigades

Please vote for Storyhive project about the BC volunteers in the International Brigades

Hello Friends,

Here is some info about a new film about the Mac Paps that may be of interest to you, and of course feel free to pass the info on to other friends. The spirit of the Mac Paps lives on.

Kevin Neish



My independent documentary film, Taking a Stand; Story of the BC MacPaps has been accepted into the Telus STORYHIVE competition. The film is about the British Columbia International Brigades volunteers.

It's also a personal story - my great uncle Peter, went to and died in Spain. The film looks at why he and the other British Columbia volunteers went to Spain and examines the similarities with today - including the rising tide of fascism,... and capitalism unchecked. At a time when some feel powerless to make positive change, this story will inspire us all.

If the project is selected, I'll receive $50,000 in project funding. But to get there, I need your votes and shares. You can vote each day for four days.


Taking a Stand: Story of the BC MacPaps


When standing by and doing nothing is not an option: an inspiring story of taking a stand against fascism.

Here's a link to a project clip https://vimeo.com/282310583

Thank you very much for your consideration of my request



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