“Deliberately destroying food”

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Millions of households across Canada face hunger each day. Yet $31 billion of pounds of fresh food are wasted each year in Canada.

After learning these numbers, 17-year-old high school student Justin Kulik turned to Change.org to petition his government to take action. More than 100,000 concerned citizens across Canada have already signed his petition to end food waste coming from supermarkets. With World Food Day just around the corner, will you take this opportunity stand with Justin?

If you’re wondering how signing this petition can help make change – know that you can. In fact, the global Change community helped power a similar food waste campaign in France to victory – proving that when people stand together to create change, nothing can stop them.

Thanks to pressure from people like you, Justin is taking an important first step. He’s now on his way to meet with Canada’s Minister of Agriculture, Lawrence MacAulay in just two weeks. He wants to make sure an effective food waste plan is included in the country’s next National Food Policy, which is being drafted right now.

Millions of kids go to bed hungry every night in Canada. It’s a staggering fact that has compelled people like Justin to act. With so much food available, our children should never experience the pain of hunger.

To help end hunger, make sure your voice is included when Justin delivers his petition to Canada’s Minister of Agriculture. Sign and share Justin’s petition to help end food waste in Canada – today.

Julie Byrnes
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