U.S. Diplomacys Diversity Deficit

... Open Society Foundations People in an audience clapping U.S. State Department/Ron Przysucha/Public Domain
The United States is diverse, but the people who comprise the top ranks of its foreign policy leadership are not. And in recent years, under both Republican and Democratic administrations, the problem has only gotten worse. This is a recipe for flawed policies that will ultimately harm U.S. interests. Civil society groups must lead by example—and a new report from the Open Society Foundations and Vestige Strategies offers specific, actionable recommendations on how to do just that. It’s time for a State Department and national security workforce that looks less like the cast of Mad Men and more like today’s United States.



Q&A: A New Law in Chile Recognizes Transgender People

People holding up a large replica of an identity card
Recently, the National Congress of Chile passed a law to guarantee the rights of transgender people to change their name and gender in official records. The reverberations could affect the whole region.

Governance & Accountability

How International Justice Can Go Local

A man with prosthetic arms holding a tissue to his face
Over 30 national and regional initiatives have been launched to prosecute mass atrocity crimes since the early 1990s. A comprehensive new survey looks at the lessons learned.

Rights & Justice

Case Watch: A Victory in Europe for Muslim Women’s Right to Wear a Headscarf

Two women and a girl walking past an outdoor shop
For the first time, the European Court of Human Rights has ruled in favor of a Muslim woman’s right to wear a headscarf.

Moving Walls

Another Way Home

A woman wearing a wedding dress and dragon wings
The 25th edition of our celebrated Moving Walls series features the work of 13 visionary artists, journalists, and creative technologists who are exploring the topic of migration through documentary practice.

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