Lets make it impossible to ignore science


Dear Paov,

The latest UN report on catastrophic climate change explicitly urged all state leaders to take drastic action to combat climate change.

Unfortunately, even this pressing warning from the world’s most authoritative body on climate science was not enough to sway the Canadian government. That’s why hundreds of people have pledged to take action on October 24th -- one year before the next federal election -- to hand deliver the UN’s report to Members of Parliament all over the country along with an urgent call to action. Will you join in? You can take action anytime in the day on October 24th.

Find your MP's office on our map and sign up to deliver the report.

Scientists have warned us that we have less than 12 years to prevent a catastrophic 1.5°C rise in average global temperature. That means we need to immediately... strengthen Canada’s international climate commitments, accelerate the transition off fossil fuels immediately, and move towards a justice-based transition to 100% renewable energy.

On October 24th, we’re holding our MPs to this high bar of ambition by calling on them to champion legislation that aligns Canada’s climate policies with the the urgency of the crisis before us. Make sure your MP receives a copy of this report along with this call for bold action.

If we fail to meet this basic requirement we can expect catastrophic changes to our climate that will impact billions of people around the world. Closer to home we can expect more frequent occurrences of serious droughts and extreme heat. In BC and Alberta, rising temperatures will mix hotter, drier weather with expanding mountain pine beetle infestations, transforming western forests into a wildfire tinderbox.

The risks are far too great and inaction is not an option. That’s why I'm joining hundreds of people and taking action next week. Will you stand with us?

In solidarity,


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