Doug Ford

This is a reckless attach on the climate

Doug Ford was so eager to tear down climate protections that he plowed right over Ontarian’s rights.

But a powerful lawsuit could finally hold him to account now.

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One of Doug Ford’s first acts as Premier was to illegally scrap Ontario’s climate plan -- without putting any other climate plan in place. This reckless attack on the climate could prevent Canada from meeting its Paris climate targets.

We can not wait... months or years longer for real climate action -- that’s why some brave folks are taking this fight to the courts.

Our friends at Greenpeace and Ecojustice just filed a game-changing lawsuit to hold Ford to account for failing to consult the people of Ontario on environmental legislation -- something that is required under the Environmental Bill of Rights (EBR).

This lawsuit could be critical in saving Ontario’s climate plan and ensuring Ontario does its part to mitigate runaway climate chaos. Lawsuits are expensive, and can take time. Our allies have asked for our support to ensure our friends have the best representation for protecting the climate. Whatever amount you can chip in will go directly to supporting this critical lawsuit.

Can you pitch in CA$91 today to support the lawsuit to stop Ford’s reckless scrapping of Ontario’s climate plan?

The Environmental Bill of Rights requires that the government consult the public on changes to environmental laws and regulations so that Ontarians can weight on on decisions that directly affect them. By bypassing this consultation for scrapping the cap-and-trade program, the government completely ignored the protected rights of Ontarians.

This lawsuit is important, and it scares the heck out of Ford’s government. The same day it was announced, his government posted a public consultation period on the EBR. But this last minute consultation doesn’t erase Ford’s illegal scrapping of the cap-and-trade legislation.

That’s why this lawsuit is so critical. It could set an vital precedent that reinforces the government’s duty to consult Ontarians on important environmental decisions. And it would send a strong message to Ford’s government that Ontario wants and needs a comprehensive climate plan.

Your support today will help secure critical legal counsel and ensure that Ford’s reckless government is held to account for its vicious attack on the climate.

Can you pitch in CA$91 today to support the lawsuit to stop Ford’s reckless scrapping of Ontario’s climate plan?

SumOfUs has been working to hold Ford’s government to account for its attacks on the climate. Over 18,000 members like you signed a petition to protect green jobs being scrapped by Ford’s government.

We know that Ford’s government thinks the election gave them carte blanche over Ontario’s future. But with only around 23% of the total voting population giving support to the Conservatives we know that this isn’t the case. It’s more important than ever to hold Ford’s feet to the fire at every turn to prevent his radical, pro-corporate agenda from being pushed through.

This lawsuit puts a major roadblock in Ford’s plan to bulldoze over Ontario’s climate plan. That’s why your support now is critical.

Can you pitch in CA$91 today to support the lawsuit to stop Ford’s reckless scrapping of Ontario’s climate plan?

Thanks for all that you do,
Amelia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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