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We've just learned the people behind the proposal to tax Internet use over 15GB per month also asked the government to consider a tax on hyperlink sharing and a policy forcing websites to... adopt censorship filters that could block content before it's even uploaded.1

We're not going to let that happen. I'm going straight to Parliament next week to share the outrage of the OpenMedia community, and we're going to make a huge splash to stop proposals like this from making it into our laws through the revised Copyright Act.

Will you chip in to help to save the Internet from corporate-imposed laws that will censor our Internet and make it even more expensive?

The Screen Composers Guild of Canada wants to stop people from enjoying media without paying up, even if they are getting their media legitimately through services like Netflix and Spotify.

So instead of working on a fair system of compensation with the huge entertainment companies that profit from their work, they want us to pay a tax on broadband use over 15GB per month—making a misguided assumption that any usage above that implies streaming music and video.2

And now they've taken it to the extreme, asking the government to get behind the awful Link Tax and copyright Censorship Machines that are plaguing the European Union right now.3

The Link Tax and Censorship Machines would ruin the Internet as we know it. People could be breaking the law just by sharing memes. Websites that couldn't afford to implement Censorship Machines—like Reddit—would flop.

Huge corporations think they'll win with their expensive lobbyists—but they haven't come face-to-face with OpenMedia before.

I can't wait to speak up for you, our members, in Parliament. I will make sure our voices are heard loud and clear. Will you chip in to stop corporations from wrecking Canada's Internet?


For our Internet,

Marie, and the whole team at OpenMedia

[1] Meeting No. 133 INDU - Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology: ParlVU
[2] Canadian Music Group Calls For Copyright Tax on Broadband Data Use: Michael Geist
[3] Meeting No. 133 INDU - Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology: ParlVU


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