Transit Justice in the Inner Suburbs

LeftStreamed — Recorded in Toronto, 13 October 2018

Transit Justice in the Inner Suburbs

Public transit is essential to accessing Toronto’s social and cultural life, including necessary things like getting groceries or going to work. Yet working class communities suffer from inadequate and expensive, transit service. Different plans for transit reform have been floated promising better and more efficient service. What should Toronto’s working class communities make of these proposals? What are the key issues related to transit in the city, and the possibilities to mobilize for change?

Moderated by Sadia Khan. Presentations by:

  • Vincent Puhakka - member of TTC Riders
  • Jonah Gindin - RadTO
  • Steve Maher - Action Keele Campaign
  • Deborah Littman - Field Organizer, Amalgamated Transit Union

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