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BREAKING: Trump wants to genetically test millions of people

Trump wants millions of people to prove their gender with invasive genetic testing.

Add your name to demand that genetic testing companies like Ancestry and 23andMe refuse to throw privacy rights and anti-discrimination policies in the garbage.

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The Trump administration wants to create a registry of genitals.

Trump plans to define sex as “either male or female, unchangeable, based on genitals visible at birth.”

But there are many people who don’t fit neatly into two sexes based on genitalia or chromosomes or... both -- commonly known as intersex people. And many transgender and gender non-conforming people don’t identify with the sex assigned to them at birth. Trump wants to remove civil rights and legal protections for all of these people.

Even worse, Trump wants to require intrusive genetic testing to settle disagreements about a person’s gender.

This is a clear violation of privacy and human rights.

But Trump’s plan won’t work without cooperation from genetic testing facilities like Ancestry and 23andMe. That’s why we’re going directly to genetic testing companies to demand they refuse to cooperate with Trump’s policy.

Add your name now to demand that genetic testing companies refuse to forcibly genetically test people to prove their gender.

Trump is putting lives at risk and endorsing state-led discrimination. Transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex people -- especially people of color -- already face violence just for being themselves.

More than half of transgender people experience harassment and violence at school, work, and in doctor's offices.

The legal protections Trump is undoing are critical for protecting the most basic of rights. They protect students from bullying in school and give them the right to use the correct bathroom and locker room.

Human biology simply doesn’t fit into two sexes that can be proven with genitals and genes. The broad range of human biology has been backed up by decades of scientific and medical evidence.

This is a clear violation of privacy and human rights. If Trump gets away with redefining gender in U.S. civil rights laws, he could set an example for others who want to oppress transgender and intersex people.

We must make sure that international companies like Ancestry and 23andMe will not cooperate with any government's requests to forcibly test for or share data about anyone’s gender.

With enough public pressure, we can get genetic testing companies to condemn Trump’s hate and ensure that this policy can never be enforced.

Add your name now to demand that genetic testing companies refuse to cooperate with the Trump administration’s plan to force people to prove their gender through genetic testing.

Trump has already attacked people of color, women, Muslims, immigrants, and the disabled community. But SumOfUs members like you have put a stop to Trump’s most inhumane policies -- and you can do it again now.

When Trump came to London, your donations funded a massive carnival of resistance. A public outcry from around the world halted family separation of immigrants and stopped Trump’s first Muslim immigration ban. Now, we must speak out to defend the privacy and human rights of transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex people.

Add your name now to demand that Ancestry and 23andMe refuse to participate in Trump’s attacks on transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex people.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Angus, Katie, Salma, and the team at SumOfUs

More Information

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