A Collective Update - Introducing Giggle, Line 3 Resistance, Hambacher Forest, Hurricane Relief, & More!

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-Introducing Giggle Search - A Search Engine for Humanity
-Red Nose Revolution Support & Thanks
-Sweet Om Community Kitchen Support & Thanks
-Several Groups Disrupt Duluth City Council Meeting
-#HambacherForest – #EndeGelaende Sets Up Protest Camp in #Stepprath for
4,000 Activists After Cops Evicted Camp in #Manheim Last Night
-Panama City Landlords Are Finishing What Hurricane Michael Started
-Prayer Lodges Built on Route of Enbridge Line 3
-Energy Transfer Partners Security Sinks Two Boats Full of Water
Protectors, Threatening Lives
-Unmarked Graves of Children from Residential School Found Beneath
Manitoba RV Park
-What It Takes to Build an Anarchist Desert Town
-Your Support Empowers The Collective R/evolution

Introducing Giggle Search - A Search Engine for Humanity

Our collective understands the challenges of raising funds and building
an engaged community around your own collective cause, which is we're
working to help launch a new search engine.

Introducing: Giggle Search: [ https://www.GiggleSearch.org ]

Giggle is a search engine (much like Google) that allows non-profits to
rally their following around their cause. This works much like Ecosia.
Every time any one of your followers searches the web using your custom
Giggle page - which you can create here in just a minute - your cause
will receive a micro-donation. Here is a full presentation: [
http://bit.ly/GigPres ]

We've done this ourselves to help support our collective efforts. If
you'd like to do this in support of our collective simply copy/paste
this link as your homepage and utilize it as your search engine choice
to help sustain our efforts!

Search in support & solidarity with Paper Revolution on Giggle:
[ https://www.GiggleSearch.org/s/c/paper-revolution ]

In solidarity with our global collective of comrades, Giggle is
currently offering an exclusive six months of Giggle premium (a
$12.99/mo value) for those who sign up to get in on the Giggle! While
the core product is completely free (since the money comes from search
ads) premium services include 9-5 (EST) support, help launching your
page, help generating buzz, and your feedback during Giggle's current

It would be an honour to be able to help you, your cause, and the

We're looking forward to changing the world together!

For questions, feedback, or to get started contact:

Joshua Rubenstein
[ https://gigglesearch.org ]

Red Nose Revolution Support & Thanks

First - and foremost - a big thank you to those who had already
contributed to the Red Nose Revolution during our recent 15k by Jeffery
(La-La-Lion) Forbe's 50th Birthday! He is not only the steward of the
Red Nose Revolution, he is an inspiration for us all! While we did not
quite meet the 15k goal, your support was both matched, in part, by Be
The Change Charities, and will help create a tremendous amount of change
for the causes which the campaign worked to support. We are forever
grateful for the support given and appreciate the fact that you took the
time to participate!

The results from the 15k FUNdraiser are in: $3,000.00 has been paid
toward the making of Red Nose Revolution colouring books and
merchandise, which now can continue to be a premium contribution option
to further support Red Nose Revolution! $500.00 has gone towards
reimbursing Jeffery Forbes for the Morocco humanitarian clown trip.
Lastly, a donation of $5000.00 (including matched funds from Wookiefoot
& Be The Change Charities) has gone toward Patch Adam's Gesundheit!
Institute's ClownVets program, benefiting US veterans suffering from the
effects of war and post-traumatic stress.

In addition to continued web costs and helping empower the Red Nose
Revolution's collective friends, Lion is now working to focus upon
applying his energies toward The Flying Seagull Project to continue his
humanitarian clowning and enhance his efforts towards the refugee


$3.00 per Red Nose Revolution Sticker

$13.00 per Red Nose Revolution Colouring Book

To help support the continuation of the Red Nose Revolution visit:
https://www.paperrevolution.org/campaigns/support-red-nose-revolution/ ]

Sweet Om Community Kitchen Support & Thanks

This season the Sweet Om Alabama Community Kitchen continued it's
mission of distributing free food, hot water, coffee, and filtered water
to countless individuals throughout the season of gathering within
Harmony Park of Clarks Grove, MN. Your community kitchen is grateful for
those who gave in support, participated, volunteered, or otherwise
worked to make 2018 a successful season of kitchening beneath the oaks!

It is with your collective support that Sweet Om was able to replace
some old and failing equipment such as ropes and tarps for newer, more
durable replacements. Sweet Om was also able to obtain food and
additional supplies throughout their deployments during the 2018 season.

As the season ends, Sweet Om is now preparing for their 2019 season
which is planned to consist of a return to Rainbow during the 2019
Annual Gathering of the Rainbow Family of Living Light July 1st through
7th somewhere within the so-called borders of Minnesota/Wisconsin. Stay
tuned to our list-serve for further updates along with our website or
[ https://welcomehome.org/ ]

If you would like to help solidify our efforts for the 2019 season, or
make up for not donating throughout this past season - feel free to
support Sweet Om's efforts at:

Several Groups Disrupt Duluth City Council Meeting

At the past several meetings regarding riot gear, several groups and
collectives such as UMD Students for Justice, Anonymous Twin Ports,
Anti-colonial Land Defence, Black Lives Matter, Ex-prisoners Organizing,
Save The Kids, Standing Up for Racial Justice, Native Lives Matter, and
many others were either ignored or merely appeased with the illusion of
“public input”.

For this reason on October 22nd, in the positive spirit of collective
resistance, several affinity groups of many different demographics came
together in a last ditch effort to stop the Duluth city council from
going through with a decision that was already made long ago...

Read more:

#HambacherForest – #EndeGelaende Sets Up Protest Camp in #Stepprath for
4,000 Activists After Cops Evicted Camp in #Manheim Last Night

Stepprath, 25 October 2018. - The climate justice alliance Ende Gelände
has started to build a protest camp in Stepprath, Stockheimer
Landstrasse 171 in the Rhineland, Germany. Several thousand activists
are expected to arrive today and tomorrow for what might become the
biggest action of civil disobedience against coal the Rhineland has ever
seen. The camp offers space for around 4,000 people and is located on
private ground....

Read more:

Panama City Landlords Are Finishing What Hurricane Michael Started

A CALL TO ACTION: Hundreds of residents in low income housing projects
in Panama City have gotten eviction notices in the days following the
category 4 catastrophe of hurricane Michael, which shredded the region
into a state of non-recognition. In short, it looks like a war zone.

In an area where no bush, no tree, no building was spared in some
measure by Michael’s thrashing wind gusts, relieved occupants of
impoverished communities whose walls weren’t felled, the survivors of a
storm bearing the same descriptor all storms as of late, historic,
pulled through only to find landlord issued notices pinned to their
doors. The notices gave them one to three days to leave; no rent
reimbursement, without contingency directive and with the caveat that
all things left behind would be destroyed courtesy of land owners...

Read more & take action:

Prayer Lodges Built on Route of Enbridge Line 3

Early October 18th, a crew of Indigenous & non-Indigenous comrades under
the direction of Ojibwe elders built more waganogans on the Line 3
pipeline route, somewhere in northern Minnesota.

These are always intended as positive places to gather in prayer &
feast, & positive resistance against racist resource extraction, whilst
simultaneously practising ancient cultural traditions that existed both
BEFORE & after treaties were signed, but are also now supposed to be
legally protected by treaties for Indigenous peoples of those treaty

Learn more & support Line 3 Defence:

Energy Transfer Partners Security Sinks Two Boats Full of Water
Protectors, Threatening Lives

St. Martin Parish, LA (October 15th, 2018) - Early this morning, two
boats carrying approximately 15 water protectors and media officials
were legally observing a Bayou Bridge pipeline construction site, when
an Energy Transfer Partners security boat passed by at an aggressive
speed, intentionally causing a large wake that swamped and eventually
sunk the boats.

All passengers, including a documentary film crew, narrowly made it to
shore before the boats completely sunk. All passengers are accounted for
and safe thanks to the help of a local Cajun fisherman who provided
support when he found the stranded L’eau Est La Vie crew...

Read more:

Unmarked Graves of Children from Residential School Found Beneath
Manitoba RV Park

Campers have for years parked their RVs at the Turtle Crossing
camp-ground along the Assiniboine River in Manitoba, without knowing
that it’s situated on the site of unmarked graves of more than 50
Indigenous children who died at the Brandon Residential School.

But Anne Lindsay, a researcher and former archivist with the National
Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba, has
spent nearly 10 years looking for and trying to identify the bodies. So
far, she has identified children ranging in age from 7 to 16, dating
back to the early 1900s...

Read more:

What It Takes to Build an Anarchist Desert Town

In Slab City, the public library has no due dates and no library cards.
The books are organized by section, but not alphabetized. In this
anarchist squatter town in California’s Sonoran Desert, established on
the empty foundations of a military camp created in the 1940s, the
library runs on donations and good will, and if you want to borrow a
book, go ahead.

“I decided to honor the anarchist library rules,” says Cornelius Vango,
an “anarchist librarian and career tramp.” “I didn’t want people to feel
any reason not to take a book. A lot of people are passing through and
will never be coming back.”...

Read more:

Your Support Empowers The Collective R/evolution

As always, Paper Revolution is working to curate and distribute
resources to empower our collective revolution. If you're wondering
where or how to get started feel free to check out our 'Get Involved'
page which offers resources and input on what you need to know/where to
start in your individual efforts!

Here's that page's link: [ https://www.paperrevolution.org/get-involved/

Of course, all of the resources we work to curate are brought to you -
in part - by individual supporters such as you! While we hate to appeal
to any individual, especially those within our collective network, it is
only by your support that we are able to continue our operations. Over
the last year we have been able to further secure our website and have
worked to curate and bring you updated content in regards to the global

This holiday season please keep us within your donation considerations
by pledging a gift amount toward Paper Revolution's continued operations
(and expansion)!

Simply visit: [
https://www.paperrevolution.org/campaigns/support-paper-revolution/ ]

PAPER REVOLUTION - collective empowerment
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