Stop Land Grabs -- Declaration

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1698 ... October 31, 2018

Stop Land Grabs:
Declaration of the Social Movements: Ten Peoples’ Principles Against Land Grabs, Evictions and Neoliberalism

Frans Ari Prasetyo and People’s Alliance Against Eviction

"Let a New World be born in Bandung for a genuine land reform, not land grabs!" — Bandung-Indonesia, September 24, 2018.

The world order of the 21st century has changed, as colonialism and imperialism mutate into many faces. Neoliberalism becomes new foundation for neo-colonialism, neo-imperialism, and authoritarianism with a populist mask. These all continue the practices of colonialism and exploitation for corporate and commercial interests against the rights of the people. Land grabbing, land evictions and exclusion of local people from their sources of livelihood, and inclusion of the poor in exploitative works are a result.

These neocolonial... practices occur with the facilitation of the state and its various apparatuses, which are frequently deployed with either a mask of populism or manipulation of popular issues. Nowadays, land grabs, dispossessions, as well as forced evictions are expounded and and protected by neoliberal laws and regulations in the intersts of attaining capitalist investments.

Land policies and the large-scale land control regulations at the global, national, and local level have been formulated by neoliberal agents that exist within various institutions such as the World Bank, Bank Dunia of Indonesia, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the International Land Coalition (ILC), national and local governments, and often non-governmental organizations. Consultative forums such as the Global Land Forum need to place the peoples’ interests first and oppose -- not legitimize -- the ongoing and persistent dispossession of people’s rights on land.

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