ACTIVlist Update - November 1, 2018

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Canadian Labour Congress releases new report on young workers
Titled Diving Without a Parachute, the report says Canada’s youth are diverse, adaptable and underemployed.

Canada should drop ISDS provisions for good
Last week, legal expert David Schneiderman brilliantly argued in the Globe and Mail that rather than consulting with Canadians over the practice of including investor-state clauses that allow foreign investors to challenge government laws and regulations in trade agreements, Canada should drop them... all together.

New study reveals millions of people in the U.S. have experienced water cutoffs
U.S. based Food & Water Watch recently released a groundbreaking study that reveals that an estimated 1.4 million people in the United States experienced a water shutoff in 2016.

MPs put on notice country-wide as constituents deliver IPCC report and demand action
On October 24th constituents in over two-thirds of Canada’s 338 federal ridings delivered copies of the IPCC report to their MPs with letters calling for follow-through on their promises to take the action needed to stay under 1.5ºC.

From Pittsburgh to Toronto, Standing Up To Hate
This Friday, one of the architects, icons and spokespeople of the white supremacist movement, Steve Bannon, is being given a massive platform.

Challenging Site C from BC to the NWT
This is a guest post from the NWT Chapter of the Council of Canadians that was originally published on their website.

Peaceful conflict resolution – lessons learned from a Northern Irish peace activist
The PEI chapter hosted Paul Hutchinson last weekend for a public lecture and a workshop on conflict resolution and peace to offer insight into re-imagining the idea of community.

Chapters This Week
Thanks to all our chapters for their hard work and determination, mobilizing across the country for social and environmental justice.


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