Paying off guilty Google executives?

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PAOV — On Thursday, thousands of Google employees in Canada and across the world walked out of their offices in protest of the company's mishandling of sexual misconduct cases. A New York Times article revealed that Google paid an executive $90 million in an exit package — even after an investigation concluded the sexual harassment claims against him were credible. Now, the organizers of the walkout are calling on Google to immediately correct the imbalance of power and put more women in executive positions.

Petitioning Larry Page Larry Page: Let more women lead at Google

Petition by Google Walkout
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Sign now with a click It's been over a year since the sexist Google anti-diversity memo came out, but Google has made little progress in hiring more women. In 2017, 20% of Google's engineers were women. In 2018, that number has only risen to 21%.

Change needs to start at the top. 75% of Google's leadership positions are filled by men. 67% of Google's leaders are white. We can't expect a company run by white men to increase diversity throughout its organization. We can't achieve equal pay for women if Google's highest paid positions are mostly filled by men.

Google has recently been exposed for paying off executives who are guilty of sexual harassment. Rather than punishing Andy Rubin for harassment, Google paid him 90 million dollars in severance pay. The best way to fix this broken culture and to end sexual harassment is to get more women into Google's leadership.

We call on Google to immediately make changes in its leadership to put women into at least 50% of executive positions. Sign now with a click Visit petition page

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