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PAOV — Eleven people were massacred in a recent U.S. shooting because they were Jewish. Now over 300,000 people are demanding Facebook step up and remove “Holocaust denial” pages from its platform, where these pages are used to cultivate hatred toward Jewish people around the world. This petition from the Anne Frank Center calls on Mark Zuckerberg to take action now.

Petitioning Mark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg: Remove Holocaust Denial pages from Facebook

Petition by Anne Frank Center For Mutual Respect
United States of America


Sign now with a click We call on Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook to cease hosting Holocaust Denial pages on their site. When these pages spread lies and untruths, it is veiled hatred and anti-semitism designed to cast doubt on facts.

The Holocaust happened. This can not be disputed. Period.

There is a difference between providing a platform for free expression and knowingly spreading false information and lies. Denying the Holocaust causes harm.

These sites foster hatred, division and racism. We call on Facebook to take action and help stop this dissemination of hate. Sign now with a click Visit petition page

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