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PAOV — “Patients need to receive foods that heal to promote health and wellbeing.” A group of York University nursing students believe that nutrition plays a key role in healing and that hospitals are failing to address the nutritional needs of patients. They’re calling on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to provide healthier food in hospitals. You can join them by adding your name.

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Petition by York University Nursing Students
Vaughan, CA


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Hospitals are not appropriately accommodating for nutritional preferences. Patients need to receive foods that heal to promote health and wellbeing.

Personal story:

Change Day Ontario has provided a voice for citizens in Ontario to voice their concerns regarding health and wellness. The Nursing students at York University have proposed “Food that Matters”, a Change Day Initiative to address the nutritional needs of patients in the hospital setting.

The issue:

In October 2018, a survey was conducted by 'Food that Matters' (@foodthatmattersYU) assessing patient experiences in the hospital setting. Individuals were asked a variety of questions including "Were you satisfied with your food options?" and "Were you assessed for your dietary needs?".

Results from the survey revealed that only 43.1% of individuals were satisfied with their nutrition, and only 29% were asked for their nutritional preferences/assessed. This is unacceptable for the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care in Canada.

Patients need to be taken care of in the hospital, and everyone needs to be assessed for their nutritional needs. Nutrition plays a key role in healing: Food in the hospital should (1) be better than normal; (2) promote health and healing; and (3) all should be assessed for their individual needs.

Take action!

There should:
  • Be more jobs for dietary staff and dieticians
  • Be a larger focus on hospital nutrition and how to bring in local and holistic nutrition
  • Be more funding set aside for nutrition as hospital dietary staff are not being provided the correct budgets, or recognition they deserve through all their hard work.
  • Be more awareness on the long term benefits of providing healthier food in Canada in hospital settings
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