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2018 has been a disaster for the free and open Internet.

The Facebook and Cambridge Analytica privacy scandal. Net Neutrality under attack. Endless proposals for taxes on the Internet.

That's why on this Giving Tuesday, Human Data Commons, a foundation fighting for ethical data collection practices, has agreed to help match all donations up to $5,000 to help save the Internet.

Will you chip in to help stop attacks on our Internet? All donations will be MATCHED by Human Data Commons.

In Canada, we pay some of the highest cell phone bills in the world, and corporations are trying to convince the government to charge even more—a tax on smartphones, a tax for using over 15GB, a tax on your Internet connection, and more. Bell is trying to censor websites. And even Net Neutrality is in question with the current CRTC chair.

OpenMedia was founded on the principle of having an easily accessible, open Internet—and we're fighting on many fronts to fix our broken system.

Right now, we are building innovative campaigning tools, pressuring Parliament to push back against the Big Three's attempt to censor us, and organizing people to fight back for our Internet.

We're facing more threats in more places than ever before, and we can't keep it up without you.

That's why we're asking, on this Giving Tuesday: Will you donate to help protect the free and open Internet? Human Data Commons will DOUBLE every donation up to $5,000.


Thank you for all you do.

Laura, on behalf of the team at OpenMedia


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