What do Doug Ford, Rachel Notley and Justin Trudeau have in Common?


Dear friends,

In just over a week, Justin Trudeau will meet with Premiers from all across Canada. A few of them are digging in their heels to fight against federal climate policies and at least one person in that room might even be a full fledged climate denier (hint, he’s from Ontario).

But one thing they all have in common is that they’re failing us on climate change.

That’s why today, we’re calling on Justin Trudeau and Canada's Premiers to step up and support a bold new vision: a climate plan that commits to phasing out fossil fuels, grants every single impacted worker a good job in the transition and builds a 100% renewable energy economy that respect the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Sign the petition calling for a climate action plan that comes with a good work guarantee.

This... level of inaction from politicians all across the country is not just disappointing -- it’s downright alarming.

It’s already been over a month since the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released its most sobering report yet.

We know that politicians across the country have seen this report. Members of Parliament in Ottawa debated its implications in the House of Commons. Provincial politicians in BC did the same thing, and Premiers all across Canada faced questions about their climate plans in its wake. And yet, they are continuing to bulldoze ahead with fossil fuel projects without any consideration for climate change or Indigenous rights.

It’s not too late to course correct. But we’ve run out of time to implement small changes and incremental solutions. We need a bold, progressive vision for tackling climate change in Canada. Sign this petition to make it known that tens of thousands of us have a clear and unified objective: only supporting provincial and federal politicians who champion truly ambitious climate action.

That means a fossil fuel phase out, and a rapid transition to a 100% renewable energy economy that respects Indigenous rights and comes with a guaranteed job for every impacted worker.

We aren’t the only ones demanding this kind of ambitious action. In the United States, grassroots pressure, led by hundreds of youth, has pushed the idea of a “Green New Deal” to the political forefront. We need to do the same, and that starts with a bold ask that matches the scale of the crisis we face. Send this message to Justin Trudeau and Canada’s Premiers now.



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