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My small team of 3 based right here in Canada provides expert campaign advice, support and leading technology to thousands of people who start petitions - helping their campaigns make real change in their communities.

And if I’m brutally honest, here at Change we’re already struggling to keep up… Let me quickly share why you should care and how you can help:

Most of the petitions you’ve signed were started by first-timers. Just ordinary citizens new to the world of advocacy and civics who wanted to speak out against an injustice.

You spoke out too with each petition you signed. In fact, your voice – together with the voices of others fighting beside you – is what makes petitions so powerful. I know because I see dozens of petitions win every day thanks to signatures like yours.

But every day, even more petitions are started in response to unfair policies, outdated laws and human rights violations.

While politicians and powerful CEOs are busy making backroom deals that affect the rest of us, it’s more important than ever to ensure that all voices are heard.

We’re on the brink of a new year that will be more critical than ever. And, like I said, we’re already stretched thin. By December 31, we need 1,032 people like you to commit to a monthly recurring contribution so we can help more people run powerful campaigns in the New Year.

PAOV — the stakes are high, and I want you to be part of this because I know you care. Can I count on your support?

Yes, I can chip in $3 a month!

When people come together to fight for what’s right, we’re an unstoppable force. Signing a petition is the first step – it also takes endurance and persistence to get all the way to victory.

And it also takes funding. We are proudly funded by people like you.

When you chip in as a Member by December 31, your contribution will mean more of those brave people who start campaigns will get the support they need to have an impact.

The voices of ordinary people shouldn’t matter less than those with money and connections. ALL voices deserve to be heard.

Thank you for all you do,

Laura Dunens
Campaigns Director, Canada

P.S. Change is proudly funded by people like you. As a public benefit company, we are dedicated to empowering everyone to create the kind of change they want to see. Help us get a strong start to 2019 by becoming a Member today.

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