Alberta's cutting oil and gas production for the wrong reasons



Last night, when Alberta Premier Rachel Notley announced her plans to temporarily cut oil production in the province, she missed a golden opportunity.1 Instead of rationalizing this decision as a convoluted way to increase demand for Alberta oil in the long term, I wish Premier Notley could have told Albertans, and people all across Canada, the truth. She could have said that climate change is real and that the global market for tar sands oil is shrinking and, because of that, she would phase out fossil fuels, guarantee jobs for workers and make massive shifts to renewables. But, she didn’t, and that’s why we have to.

This Friday, Rachel Notley will be in Montreal with Justin Trudeau and the rest of Canada’s premiers. Add your name to the petition calling on them to support a Good Work Guarantee that would stop fossil fuel... expansion, guarantee jobs for workers and make the shift to 100% renewables in full partnership with Indigenous Peoples.

Not only did Notley’s announcement yesterday end with an impassioned statement of support for oil by rail and the TransMountain pipeline -- she didn’t offer any sort of a plan to protect workers impacted by inevitable job loss. That was disappointing to say the least.

We know that by pushing fossil fuel expansion, politicians like Notley and Trudeau are failing to act on climate change and implementing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. But it’s also increasingly clear to me that they are falling short when it comes to protecting workers and their families. Notley isn’t the only one. Ontario Premier Doug Ford is stumbling in his attempts to support thousands of workers losing their jobs after General Motors’ recent decision to shut down its plant in Oshawa.2 And by ignoring postal workers’ demands for safety, gender equity and fair compensation, Justin Trudeau has demonstrated that his loyalties don’t lie with the working class either.3

Will you join me in calling for a plan that confronts the climate crisis and supports workers at the same time? Sign the petition in support of the Good Work Guarantee and when the Premiers meet with Justin Trudeau on Friday, we will make sure to share your message with all of them.

I’ll be honest. When I published an article in the National Observer talking about the Good Work Guarantee last week, I didn’t expect it to be so timely.4 This idea truly could not have come at a better time.

A Good Work Guarantee simply makes sense. It’s a guaranteed job for any workers impacted by the crucial transition to 100% renewables. It’s a guaranteed place at the table for Indigenous communities in determining how Canada tackles climate change at scale. And, maybe most important to me, it’s a liveable future for my sons because it does what the science is telling us is absolutely necessary and stops fossil fuel expansion.

Show your support for this bold plan ahead of the First Ministers meeting on Friday.

In respect and peace,


P.S. Like I said in the email, I wrote a piece about this idea for the National Observer last week. You can read it to get more details about the Good Work Guarantee. If you like it, I hope you’ll sign the petition and share the article with your friends.

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