Newfoundland in crisis

Giant oil corp Husky responsible for yet another oil spill

Oil giant Husky just spilled 250,000 litres of oil directly into the ocean -- the largest spill in Newfoundland's history.

It’s time the federal government ends all offshore oil extraction into the Atlantic.

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Oil giant Husky finally fessed up to being responsible for the largest oil spill in Newfoundland's history.

Make no mistake about it, this was enormous -- we are talking about a 250,000 liter offshore oil spill.

To make matters worse, due to rough waters, the oil has broken up and spread, making it... impossible to clean up.

There shouldn't be any surprised this happened -- this is the second time this year that Husky has failed to ensure adequate safety on their rigs — this time, with catastrophic results.

There is very little oversight from Husky or the Federal government into their operations. So, without a federal ban on offshore oil extraction, corporations like Husky will continue drill with no regard to the environment.

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This spill has seriously damaged the delicate regional ecosystem — already, several oiled seabirds have been found, a sign of much greater harm. Smaller oil spills have resulted in the death of thousands of seabirds.

Massive oil corporations, like Husky, prefer hiding from the media and the public instead of ensuring that adequate safety measures are in place during the projects.

If the government stops granting licenses to exploit offshore oil resources in the Atlantic, such disasters will never happen again.

While the federal government had pledged to protect the environment, Trudeau’s Liberals continue to approve new oil rigs. But the oil spill off the coast of Newfoundland proves, once again, that these projects are very high risk and their damage disastrous.

Justin Trudeau stop all offshore oil extraction now.

Over the years, SumOfUs has been in the forefront of fighting back against Big Oil -- most recently, helping First Nations leaders fight back against the Trans Mountain Pipeline. Thousands of SumOfUs members have contributed to the fund that brought this lawsuit.

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More information:
Newfoundland minister demands answers from Husky after huge offshore oil spill, Nov. 9th, 2018, CBC
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