Cancer patient vs. Monsanto

Are you ready to take the fight against Monsanto to the next level? Thousands of people have cancer after using Monsanto’s toxic weedkiller RoundUp. We want to help them access their legal rights to bring Monsanto & Bayer to justice, and stop glyphosate for good.

Can you please chip in CA$92 to take on Bayer and Monsanto?

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I’ve just come off the phone with Mr. Johnson, the father of three suing Monsanto for giving him cancer. We just wired him $28,000 -- money that incredible SumOfUs members like you donated. Despite winning the lawsuit, Mr. Johnson is not seeing a single penny of the damages Monsanto owes him. Monsanto is refusing to... pay up -- and has appealed the decision.

Mr Johnson is not the only one who got cancer from using RoundUp -- there are thousands of cases. If you donate today, we can take the fight against glyphosate to the next level and support people who want to sue Bayer-Monsanto for giving them cancer.

Here is our plan: we are working with legal experts to help people access the information they need to sue Bayer-Monsanto -- completely free of charge, neutral and independent. But we've got no time to waste, A -- are you ready to take on Bayer-Monsanto?

Please, will you donate CA$92 today to take on Bayer-Monsanto?

It’s days like today that make me especially proud of belonging to the SumOfUs community. In record time, thousands of us came together to help Mr. Johnson, who is brave enough to go toe to toe with one of the world’s largest mega corporation.

If you chip in now, it will help other people, like Mr. Johnson, take Monsanto and its parent company Bayer to court. And you’ll be directly supporting what could be the most effective tactic to get glyphosate off the shelves for good.

Because if thousands of other brave people start suing Monsanto over glyphosate, it will force the company to act. It will simply become too costly for Bayer-Monsanto to keep this dangerous pesticide in its product portfolio. The Bayer-Monsanto execs are absolutely terrified and they’re doing everything they can to fight back.

Can you chip in to take the fight against Bayer-Monsanto to the next level?

Yes, I'll chip in CA$92 to fight Bayer and Monsanto.

This affects us all -- even if we don’t use glyphosate personally. Because glyphosate ends up in our water, in our food and it’s even been found in breast milk.

If we can raise US$50,000, we can pay for lawyers to write up information about suing Bayer-Monsanto and place ads to people who might be affected. And we can give more money directly to Mr. Johnson.

This is a huge moment in the fight against Bayer and Monsanto, but we need to make sure we reach the people who have been most hurt by these toxic products to keep it going.

Please will you chip in CA$92 so we can get to work and help bring Bayer & Monsanto to justice?

Thanks for all that you do,
China, Anne and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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