The Far Right, the Hard Right, and Our Fight Against Them

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1716 ... December 6, 2018

The Far Right, the Hard Right, and Our Fight Against Them

David Camfield

The massacre of worshippers at a synagogue in Pittsburgh by a far-right shooter and the election of fascist politician Jair Bolsonaro as president of Brazil on the same October weekend were a double blow to people on the left who understand the significance of these events. The high-profile public debate in Toronto between David Frum and Steve Bannon later in the week only added to the effect.

The Pittsburgh massacre and Bolsonaro’s win are not exceptions to the way political currents are flowing in most of the world. They are horrifying in themselves. But they are also horrifying because they are part of a trend of growing support for political forces... to the right of established right-wing leaderships -- for example, Donald Trump, Doug Ford, the AfD in Germany, Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines. Along with this trend come more acts of intimidation and extreme violence against people who belong to groups targeted by the rising right, including Muslims, Jews, trans and queer people, people of colour, Indigenous people, and left activists.

British socialist Richard Seymour suggests that "we may be, probably are, at the beginning of a long fascist wave." Our hearts tell us that we need to act now, to do more -- and we do. Yet we also need to think hard about what to do so we can make our efforts as effective as possible.

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