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Right now, the Chinese government is detaining a million people in internment camps -- just because they’re Muslim. And yet Google is developing a censored search engine for China, legitimising the government’s brutal human rights record.

Tell Google to cancel the project now.

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Right now at least a million people are being detained in mass internment camps by the Chinese authorities simply because they’re Muslim.

And yet, Google is currently developing a censored search engine for China.

Google is helping the Chinese government whitewash its brutal human rights record -- and even Google’s own employees are fighting back.

The new app -- dubbed ‘Dragonfly’ -- could be launched in as little... as 6 months, but with your help we can show Google it’s unacceptable to profit from the Chinese government’s brutal human right abuses. Public outcry and employee backlash have forced Google execs to change their minds before, and I know, together, we can do it again.

Tell Google to cancel Project Dragonfly.

‘Dragonfly’ will block internet users in China from searching for information about the exiled Tibetan leader, the Dalai Lama, and human rights abuses committed by their own government.

And while Google is doing business with Chinese officials, Uyghur Muslims who were detained in the government’s so-called ‘re-education’ camps report being abused, forced to learn Mandarin and undergo political indoctrination.

Uyghur families are also being forced to welcome Chinese government officials to stay in their homes for up to one week per month. These live-in officials require families to provide detailed information on their personal lives and political views, and subject them to "political education".

Of course, the Chinese government is no stranger to brutal repression. It has committed large scale human rights abuses against the Tibetan people for decades using the same argument -- combating extremism and terrorism -- that it’s using to justify mass detention and surveillance of Uyghur Muslims now.

By choosing to develop Dragonfly, Google is sending a clear message that censorship is okay and is endorsing the Chinese government’s crackdown against freedom of speech, online freedom and other human rights.

Tell Google to support freedom of speech and human rights, and cancel Project Dragonfly.

According to conservative estimates, there are at least 2,000 political prisoners in Tibet. Tibetans are arrested, beaten and imprisoned for acts as small as blogging about human rights, and protests are routinely broken up with violence. Torture is widespread.

In mainland China too, extensive monitoring of the internet has resulted in hundreds of people being arrested and imprisoned for discussing democracy and human rights online. Rights defenders and critics of the government are routinely tortured and detained for lengthy periods. Several political prisoners have died in Chinese custody in recent years, among them Nobel Peace Laureate and Chinese democracy activist Liu Xiaobo.

With Dragonfly, Google is serving to legitimise the repressive regime of the Chinese government and supporting the limiting of civil and political freedoms.

Google: Don't be evil. Cancel Project Dragonfly.

We know that Google can be forced to put ethics and morals before shareholder value. We just need to show there’s a threat to its brand. Earlier this year Google employees forced the company not to renew its US Department of Defense contract in which it was helping the US government analyse drone footage using artificial intelligence.

In the wake of that, Google’s leading executives promised that they would never use AI technology to harm others.

And SumOfUs members have a track record working in solidarity with the Tibetan people to make huge global brands act. This summer, together we made Liverpool FC drop its sponsorship deal with Tibet Water -- a Chinese company that owes its profits to the repression, torture and denial of political freedoms in Tibet.

Let’s do that again and make Google support freedom of speech and human rights -- and not help the Chinese government in its repressive mission.

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Thanks for all that you do,
Sondhya and the team at SumOfUs

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