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The nominations are in, you scraped the bottom of the barrel and came up with a veritable trash heap of worthy candidates for our Scumbag of the Year award. This year we have divided the award into two, one for the private sector and one for the public sector. We narrowed the two fields down to 10 potential scumbags of the year. Now it is up to you, our readers, to pick two worthy winners. Make sure to vote for your candidates at the bottom of the page and share with your family and friends. Voting closes December 30. Happy holidays! Read more!


First on the show, we’ll hear from Charles Smith, University of Saskatchewan professor and co-author of Unions in Court: Organized Labour and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, on the legal history behind the right to strike, whether the Liberal’s act is different from the Conservative’s back to work legislation in 2011, and what this legal fight will look like going forward.

Later in the show, we’ll hear from Suzanne McNeil, president of the Halifax Dartmouth & District Labour Council, talking about how labour can organize and support members participating in civil disobedience. Her husband Tony Tracy was one of the six protesters arrested earlier this month. Read more!


As Ontario faces a new round of neoliberal attacks on workers, the poor, racialized, and other marginalized communities it is important to draw lessons from past struggles.

For two days in October 1996, Toronto was shut down with massive protests against the harsh new policies of Mike Harris’ Conservative government. That was one of eleven Days of Action across Ontario in those years. As Ontario faces shockingly similar initiatives from the Doug Ford government in 2018, it’s time to reflect on what was tried and what was accomplished in confronting a neoliberal agenda two decades ago. Read more!


By Matt Noyes

Union power requires democracy, that’s because unions need active members to be strong—and people won’t stay active for long if they don’t have a meaningful say.

But “be democratic” is easier said than done. What does democratic organizing look like in practice? How can your efforts be made more inclusive?

Start with this checklist, designed to raise issues for organizers and activists. It is incomplete and debatable—you may want to add your own principles, or change some that are here.

1. Do you work with others?

Organizing means working together to make change. Individual solutions are not paths to power. Read more!

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