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Paov—I just wanted to make sure you saw my email. We need to have every resource available to fight for our Internet in 2019. Will you donate right now to have your gift DOUBLED... by a generous donor?


My name is Alana Schultz. You don't usually hear from me, but I'm the development director for OpenMedia—the person in charge of making sure we raise enough money to meet our budgets.

I just reviewed our fundraising numbers for the year to date, and without your help, we may fall short of our goals for 2018.

This is especially problematic because there's so much at stake in 2019. Next year, Parliament is revising the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts, the laws that govern pretty much everything about the Internet, including Net Neutrality, privacy, and freedom of speech online.

Big Telecom has an army of lobbyists ready to push their interests, and we simply can't afford to begin 2019 already behind on fundraising for our campaigns team.

OpenMedia has set a goal of raising $75,000 by the end of the year to take on Big Telecom in 2019. And if you donate right now, your donation will be doubled by a generous donor.

If Big Telecom gets their way in the review of the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts, giant corporations like Bell and Rogers will be able to completely eliminate competition. Canadian cell phone and Internet bills will soar even higher, and the government might give up its responsibility to provide Internet access to Canada's remote and rural areas.

Worse, Net Neutrality protections could be up for grabs. Net Neutrality has already been repealed in the US, and now the chair of the CRTC, Ian Scott, is raising questions about our Net Neutrality protections here in Canada.

And if Big Telecom controls the net, it will throw our favourite websites into slow lanes, raise prices, and censor content. It is lobbying for legislation right now to do just that.

OpenMedia was founded on the belief that the Internet was created for connecting, not for censorship or surveillance. We're gearing up for our biggest fights ever in 2019, planning new Internet tools to connect our members to Parliament and huge stunts to raise public awareness of the current danger our Internet is in.

We can't do any of this without you, our members. Will you help fuel our fight for the Internet in 2019? Your donation today will be DOUBLED by a generous ally.


Thank you for all that you do,
Alana, and the whole team at OpenMedia


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