COP24: No Response to the Crisis

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1728 ... December 24, 2018

COP24: No Response to the Crisis:
Why the Outcome of Katowice is Far From Sufficient

Nadja Charaby, Maria Theresa Lauron, Till Bender, Katja Voigt, Tadzio Müller and Alanah Torralba

The climate crisis is looming large and threatens to go beyond our capabilities. In addition, COP24 at Katowice has decided on a rulebook that in parts both lacks in substance and is unjust. The resolutions agreed are not enough to prevent disaster, by a long shot.

The sobering result of the UN climate summit is that global elites are not taking the climate crisis seriously enough. In its 1.5 degrees special report, the IPCC warns that for every additional tenth of a degree of global warming, there will be even more catastrophic effects on the... environment and humankind and that we only have a very short timeframe of 12 years left to change course.

In early December, shocking figures from the Global Carbon Project revealed that instead of dropping, greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) rose for the second year in a row in 2018 -- highlighting how delusional it is to believe that maintaining capitalist economic growth will allow us to cut fossil fuel consumption. Even UN Secretary General Guterres said that non-action by the global community in the face of the droughts, floods, typhoons and forest fires seen this year, was "suicidal." In short, the climate crisis threatens to be way beyond our capabilities.

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