Leftists Need Holidays, Too -- All Power to the Imagination!

Leftists Need Holidays, Too -- All Power to the Imagination! r1 ... r33

How shall we celebrate?

DECEMBER 25, 2018 Dear SCNCC member or friend,

As we prepare to ring in the New Year, we encourage you to take a look at our most recent articles, beginning with Alexandra Holmstrom-Smith's inspiring piece on creating our own holidays of resistance to oppression and celebrations of our struggle for a better world. Contrary to Mrs. Thatcher, there are many alternatives.

Michael Löwy, the Brazilian-French philosopher, kicks off a roundtable discussion of ecosocialism that includes some sharp responses. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of Löwy's piece for links to comments by Herman Daly, John Bellamy Foster, Kerryn Higgs, Giorgios Kallis, Alex Khasnabish, Ashish Kothari, Simon Mair, Mary Mellor, and Vishwas Satgar, and to Löwy's reply.

You might think that a video portraying migration from Central America as a side effect of climate change would evoke knee-jerk approval from SCNCC, but SCNCC's Sandra Lindberg explains why even a "favorable" storyline can be misleading. It runs out that the Financial Times is not yet ready to deal with the legacy of imperialism.

As Marxists, we don't believe in crystal balls, but we confidently predict that 2019 will be a tumultuous year in U.S. and world politics. For the ecosocialist movement, 2019 may be the most significant year yet. Ted Franklin's article argues that climate activists must get to work on the struggle to define the Green New Deal, a concept that has suddenly gone viral. Will the Ecoleft gain enough strength to define the Green New Deal in proto-socialist terms or will it become watered down into an empty slogan that provides Democrats with a fig leaf while they barely budge from the "all-of-the-above" hypocrisy of the Obama years.

The report on the COP24 from Poland and William Robinson's speech on the Global Police State remind us that the task of creating a majoritarian movement that can fight capitalism on many fronts is urgent. Maybe the Green New Deal will be the key that unlocks the door.

Warm greetings for the New Year!

The Crew at System Change Not Climate Change

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Red candles burn on the altar created by author Alexandra Holmstrom-Smith for this year's celebration of Martyrs' Day.

Leftists Need Holidays Too. Let’s Imagine Anti-Oppressive Ones.

Alexandra Holmstrom-Smith | Truthout.org | December 25, 2018
Tis the season…for leftist ambivalence toward commercialist and patriarchal holiday traditions. It’s no wonder that many leftists have mixed feelings about holiday festivities, given their link to... read more

Michael Löwy

Why Ecosocialism: For a Red-Green Future

Michael Löwy | Great Transition Initiative | December 22, 2018
The capitalist system, driven at its core by the maximization of profit, regardless of social and ecological costs, is incompatible with a just and sustainable future. Ecosocialism offers a radical... read more

COP23 protest in Bonn, Germany, 2017

COP24: No Response to the Crisis

Nadja Charaby, Maria Theresa Lauron, Till Bender, Katja Voigt, Tadzio Müller and Alanah Torralba | The Bullet | December 21, 2018
Why the Outcome of Katowice is Far From Sufficient The climate crisis is looming large and threatens to go beyond our capabilities. In addition, COP24 at Katowice has decided on a rulebook that in... read more

Screenshot from Financial Times Video on Climate and Migration

A Marxist Feminist Ecosocialist View of a Financial Times Video about Climate Change and Migration

Sandra Lindberg | System Change Not Climate Change | December 21, 2018
No Ph.D. talking here. Just a woman who reads and studies, as Marxists recommend. I’m disturbed by a video just accessed on YouTube: “Climate change and the migrant caravan.” The news piece suggests... read more

Global Police State

William I. Robinson | Change Links | December 11, 2018
(Excerpts from the keynote speech given by Professor William Robinson at the Nov 18 L.A. Ecosocialist conference, "Capitalism is killing us! A community forum on ecosocialist solutions to a warming... read more

A Lesson in How Not to Mitigate Climate Change

Andreas Malm | Verso Books | December 8, 2018
Capitalist climate governance has always relied on pseudo-reforms that leave the richest free to accumulate capital, while dumping taxes on working people to nudge them in the 'right direction'. But... read more
Sunrise Movement in the Halls of Congress

The Green New Deal Goes Viral: What’s Next Is Up to Us

Ted Franklin | System Change Not Climate Change | December 6, 2018
Climate activists must seize the time and get to work on the Green New Deal proposal. Every once in a while, an idea that has been blowing in the wind for years catches fire and starts a conversation... read more Subscribe to SCNCC Featured Articles SCNCC.net welcomes you!

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