Dewayne Johnson

A, I would personally like to thank you for all your contributions.


Dewayne “Lee” Johnson, the father of three who’s suing Monsanto, just sent us an important message to pass on to you.

In August, a court ruled that Monsanto’s toxic herbicide glyphosate was responsible for the school groundskeeper’s terminal cancer. But parent company Bayer is appealing the case, doing everything it can to make sure Johnson doesn’t see a cent of compensation during his lifetime. In the meantime, he’s been barely scraping by on social security.

That’s why it means so much that more than 5,600 of you chipped in to help out Lee and his family. Last week, we wired him your donations -- over $28,000! -- and we received this email from him in response:

“To the members and non-members who donated... to my cause, I would like to personally thank you all for your contributions. When my attorney informed me that this was happening, I sort of felt like ‘no way, can’t be true’. Then when the wire came into my account, I couldn't believe it … just like that, these folks sent me ‘a life jacket in a sea of madness’.

I will never forget this, and when I can I will pay it forward to help the the next one in my situation … I've heard of campaigns to help people, but never thought I would find myself in such need -- so from the bottom of my heart, I again say thank you to all who contributed and thanks to those who might have wanted to but couldn't.

Believe me, I was skeptical of this campaign ... but SumOfUs is the real deal: a company looking out for common people in a way all humanity should do. Unlike the "ghost money" that is not there, this is real, and came at a time where times are tough and resources are tight to limited. The exposure from the trial has been a curse and a blessing -- I'm just thankful that SumOfUs understood and did what they did for me and my family.”

I thank you sincerely, Lee Johnson.”

We hope you’ll stick by Lee -- and us -- as we continue to take on Monsanto, Bayer and glyphosate. For now, though, here’s one final word of gratitude from us for the huge difference you’ve made and will keep making in the months to come.

Thanks for all that you do,
Sijal, Anne, China and the team at SumOfUs

PS -- Because of you, Mr. Johnson can keep providing for his family as he stands up to Bayer and its inexhaustible legal team. We’ve got a long way to go before the mega-corporation is finally brought to justice. But your generosity is proof that when the chips are down, SumOfUs members can and will do whatever it takes to support our allies. Please, will you set up a small monthly donation to keep up the fight for Mr. Johnson and the thousands of others suffering Monsanto's greed?

More information:

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