News from the Nest: What a Year for RAVEN!

News from the Nest: What a Year for RAVEN! r1 ...

What a difference one year makes.


All of us here at 620 View Street are very grateful to work with RAVEN. It’s an organization that for almost 10 years has been fighting for Indigenous Nations to have fair access to justice, so that among other things the people who have lived here the longest and know the place most intimately can have a proper say in how that land and water is looked after.

But for the grace of RAVEN donors, Nations like the Tsilhqot'in and the Beaver Lake Cree, whose cases have been going on for over a decade, would simply not have the financial stamina to resist rampant industrial expansion in their territory.

Supporting legal challenges is tangible and strategic. It’s a way to restore power to Indigenous Peoples, who know a thing or two about resilience and stewardship. Those are values that we’re all going to need to strengthen as we face a changing climate.

Pull Together against Enbridge was a groundbreaking campaign. Because it was about getting behind First Nations’ leadership, and taking tangible action, amazing alliances and friendships formed. It was a lot of fun, and together with our allies at Sierra Club BC we raised $650k to fund the court action that stopped the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project.

Then, two years later when Kinder Morgan became an ugly reality, we did it again and raised another $675k and counting for legal challenges... which, for now, have halted that pipeline.

Resource lawyer Bill Gallagher has been tracking Indigenous legal cases and wrote recently “Now at 250 legal wins, it’s the biggest win cycle in Canadian legal history. They’re redrawing the map of Canada one ruling at a time.”

Indigenous Peoples are standing up to industry and government to defend their rights, and uphold their stewardship responsibilities. There’s more: count Saving the Peel Watershed, Petronas on the run, and a successful Tsilhqot'in injunction as RAVEN victories too.

It’s happening because of gatherings all over BC, all over the San Juan Islands, in Montreal, in Prince Rupert, in Calgary, in Bella Bella and in Seattle.

It’s happening online, with people spreading the word and amplifying the messages from Indigneous Nations — people so connected to the land and water, but so far from urban centres and media hubs.

It’s happening because people like you get it: supporting Indigenous legal challenges is not only the right thing to do, it works.

If we’ve learned anything in our work here at RAVEN it is that little things add up. Small moves, big movement. This story you’re part of? It’s not just that we’ve won a few big fights. It’s that with all of you out there organizing, donating, and fundraising, all these little moments add up —together, we’re creating a future where our grandchildren can thrive.

It’s hard to affect the law: to do so often requires legal training or a willingness to go into politics. But when you pitch in to RAVEN you are actually advancing the law….. slowly and incrementally but occasionally quickly, and all at once. You’re a part of an essential, painful and sometimes joyous remaking of this land and you’re doing the hard work to set relationships right.

Thank you for being part of this incredible story.


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