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Everything we value about the Internet—Net Neutrality, affordable access, privacy, and uncensored content—is up for grabs when Parliament reviews the Broadcasting and Telecommunications Acts in 2019.


And we have an exciting announcement that will help make sure we have the resources to win in 2019: A generous donor has just offered to TRIPLE every donation made to OpenMedia through December 31.

We need to raise $75,000 by the end of December, and we’re counting on you to sustain our fight and protect our Internet in 2019. If you donate right now, your gift will be TRIPLED by a generous donor.

It’s not just the Broadcast and Telecom Act reviews we need to worry about.

Bell is still pushing for the power to censor websites at a whim. The music industry wants to tax our cell phones, and huge media corporations want to tax our broadband use. At every turn, Big Telecom is trying to boost its profits and gain more and more control over our Internet.

Meanwhile, people in rural areas of Canada are literally being left in the dark. The Big Three aren’t providing them with the Internet or cell phone access they’re paying for.

And we’re fighting invasions of privacy by the government at the border while customs agents search our phones—practically our entire personal lives—without restriction.

These are just a few of the battles we need to win in January, which means we need to make the most of the triple match this December. Will you help fuel our fight for the Internet in 2019? Your donation today will be TRIPLED by a generous ally.


Yours for the Internet,
Alana, and the whole team at OpenMedia


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