The Economic and Social Plan of the Bolsonaro Government

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A Socialist Project e-bulletin ... No. 1731 ... December 28, 2018

The Economic and Social Plan of the Bolsonaro Government

Joao Marcio and João Pedro Stédile

"Reformed" captain Jair Bolsonaro already committed to the "market" the handover of all decisions in the economic area to large capital, under the hegemony of financial capital and foreign corporations (as personified in Paulo Guedes and his Chicago Boys, including Levy in the Brazilian Development Bank-BNDES). As per the President's statements, his will be a government directly headed by businessmen committed to the reduction of the "Brazil cost," that is, to the increase of private profit. A government with such profile would not only give continuity but also radicalize Michel Temer's agenda with the aim of implementing the following measures:

1. A brutal reduction in compensation costs for the... workforce (that is, a reduction of the minimum wage and the end of various labour rights, combined with a deterioration of working conditions, through the generalization of intermittent work, subcontracting, and the dismantling of labour justice);

2. The private appropriation of all possible natural resources (oil, mined minerals, land, water, and biodiversity), eliminating any bureaucratic or legal obstacles, trampling over traditional populations and environmental concerns. See statements made on reviewing the Raposa Serra do Sol reserve, given that there are 90 (Ninety!!!) corporations presenting requests to exploit its mineral wealth. See Pre-Sal's wealth, estimated by the FUP (an oil workers’ federation) to be a patrimony of a trillion dollars, already handed over in the bidding processes carried out until now, and which should continue further. In order to eliminate any environmental barrier, he appointed a truculent minister, with no experience, and completely aligned with agribusiness and large capital, who financed him;

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