A thank you card from SumOfUs

Your actions helped protect orangutans, palm oil workers and the rainforests in 2018.


From all of us at SumOfUs, thank you! 2018 was the year that you helped expose dirty palm oil, and profiteering companies like Pepsi & Nestlé.

Just imagine what more we can achieve together in 2019, to protect palm oil workers, our rainforests, and the precious orangutans that call it home.

A, thanks for all you've done. Click for a special holiday message just for you...

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In 2018, your actions with SumOfUs helped get Nestlé to cut ties with conflict palm oil company Indofood and won industry sanctions against Indofood too!

Then, over 150,000 people helped expose human trafficking on Procter & Gamble’s business partner Felda’s plantations... -- winning further sanctions against criminal palm oil growers.

AND your emails and tweets to the RSPO, the world’s leading sustainable palm oil certifier, led to an overwhelming majority of its members voting to raise industry standards across the board.

That’s a lot, so thank you!

Click here for a special holiday message from SumOfUs, and to share your hopes for what we can achieve together in 2019

There are lots of challenges ahead before the palm oil industry can truly call itself sustainable. Time is ticking on brands like Pepsi, Nestlé, Unilever and Procter & Gamble -- who have all pledged to clean up their supply chains by 2020, but are woefully behind.

But without public pressure from people like you, these big brands will have no incentive to change -- and more and more of Indonesia and Malaysia’s rainforests will be destroyed, along with the orangutans and pygmy elephants that call the forests home.

That’s why it’s so important that we set our intentions for the year ahead together, and get as many of our friends and family as possible by our side.

So A, thank you for all that you have done so far. We hope you like this small gift from SumOfUs, and please do share your hopes for the coming year so that together, we can get started and achieve our dreams.

Here’s a holiday card for you from the team at SumOfUs

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Thanks for all that you do,
Rebecca, Fatah and the team at SumOfUs

SumOfUs is a community of people from around the world committed to curbing the growing power of corporations. We want to buy from, work for and invest in companies that respect the environment, treat their workers well and respect democracy. And we’re not afraid to stand up to them when they don’t.

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