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PAOV — The ongoing Saudi-led war in Yemen has resulted in the world's worst famine crisis in decades — more than 2,000 Yemeni children will starve to death this month alone. Ahmed Luqman, a prominent former minister in the Yemeni government and former ambassador to the Arab League, is calling on international leaders to put down their weapons and let humanitarian aid be delivered. If you agree these children need urgent help, sign his petition.

Petitioning Government of Yemen, International community, Government of Saudi Arabia, All parties to the Yemen conflict Stop the war and end the famine in Yemen

Petition by Ahmad Mohammad Luqman


Sign now with a click After three long years, the world has finally taken notice of our children in Yemen who are starving to death.

You have probably heard about 7 year old Amal, a girl who was so malnourished that her heart gave out. Unfortunately, she’s not the only one: every month, over 2000 children starve to death or die from preventable diseases in my country. Every week, our children are running terrified from bombs and airstrikes that have killed thousands of innocent civilians. Every day, we hear heartbreaking stories from people who are mourning family members and feel powerless to stop the hunger caused by the war.

If we don’t do anything, the Yemeni people, my people, could soon be victims of the world’s worst famine in one hundred years. Help us avoid this. Sign this petition and help us ask everyone to put down their weapons and let humanitarian help be delivered.

We are joining together as Yemenis who want peace and an end to the famine. Without a truce and real security, there is no way to lessen the famine. Having trucks full of food isn’t enough. Without safe passage and free access for humanitarian workers, we have no hope of ending the daily wastage of so many tiny, innocent bodies.

We are calling on people around the world to join our call for peace. We need to put pressure on all Yemeni sides including the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition forces to halt attacks on Yemen, and give peace a chance to save lives. Please help us by signing and sharing our petition to call on all parties to the conflict — international and Yemeni actors — to put aside their differences and put down their weapons.

This is what we are asking for:
  • All parties should put in place an immediate humanitarian truce and protect all civilians.
  • Coalition forces should halt all attacks on Yemen.
  • Renewed and sustained efforts to bring a lasting peace in Yemen.
  • All parties should do everything in their power to support the humanitarian efforts - saving lives has to be the first priority.
  • An immediate end to arms sales that could end up harming Yemeni civilians.
Together we can pressure Yemeni and international leaders. We hope this call for peace builds a movement that won’t quit until this terrible famine and the war have ended. Don’t let the situation in Yemen be forgotten.

Thank you for your support. When there is so much pain around us, your love and solidarity are what sustain us every day.

Ahmed M Luqman

Former Yemeni Minister of Youth, Minister of Labor, Minister of social services, former Yemen ambassador to the Arab League. Sign now with a click Visit petition page is proudly funded by people like you, PAOV. As a public benefit company, we rely on the generosity of ordinary people – rather than making money from government funding or annoying ads. Each contribution we receive means our small team right here in Canada can help Petition Starters win their campaigns. We believe in the voice of the people – that’s why we built a platform that is 100% independent and available for everyone to create the change they want to see.

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