Orangutans in danger

Only one month left to take palm oil out of car fuel

In just 22 days the EU will decide the fate of thousands of orangutans.

We’ve got a plan to make sure EU leaders side with the orangutans. But we can’t do it without you.

Can you chip in CA$93 now to save the orangutans?

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The EU is getting ready to decide the fate of the world’s last few orangutans.

EU subsidies for palm oil in biodiesel fuel are a catastrophe for our endangered ape friends -- and they're devastating the rainforest. But there is a... decision on the horizon that could be great news for orangutans and their forest home, and end these subsidies for good.

The thing is, right now it’s not clear that the EU is going to make the right decision. But with your help we can force the EU to decide in favour of the orangutans over cheap palm oil.

Here’s the plan. On January 21 -- in just 11 days' time -- we’re taking to the streets outside EU buildings across Europe. We’ll bring placards, people dressed up as orangutans, flyers and more to show just how many of us want to stop killing orangutans for the sake of cheap palm oil in car fuel. But none of this can happen for free.

Please, can you chip in CA$93 now to save the orangutans?

Yes, I’ll chip in CA$93 to save the orangutans.

Over 210,000 of you have demanded the EU end subsidies for dirty palm oil used in biofuel. But to get this decision over the line, we need to ramp up the pressure.

So from Berlin to Brussels, we’re going to get the attention of EU decision makers. We’ll never have the financial firepower of the palm oil lobby, but as citizens we can come together to pull off media-grabbing events that money can’t buy!

So even if you can’t be there yourself, A, will you chip in CA$93 to help make this huge?

Yes, I’ll chip in CA$93 to save the orangutans.

It’s up to us to remind the EU that palm oil has destroyed countless hectares of rainforest, along with the lives of over 50,000 orangutans.

Some of our closest and smartest relatives are on the brink of extinction, thanks in no small part to the billions of litres of palm oil the EU burns up in fuel tanks.

With orangutans’ lives in the balance, we’ve got to think big. These events -- in Berlin, Paris, Brussels, Rome and Madrid -- are our last and best chance to influence the vote.

Will you contribute CA$93 to make sure we have an impact?

Yes, I’ll chip in CA$93 to save the orangutans.

SumOfUs members have already made huge strides in stopping palm oil deforestation. Just last year, you persuaded the global palm oil regulating organisation, the RSPO, to strengthen its sustainability standards to further protect rainforests, palm oil workers and orangutans. Over 240,000 of you helped get sanctions placed on Pepsi’s business partner Indofood, a company notorious for abusing its workers and destroying Indonesia’s rainforest.

If we get rid of these palm oil fuel subsidies, it’ll be another huge blow to the international palm oil producers who think they can get away with destroying precious animal habitats in pursuit of profits. But we can only do this with your help.

We don’t have the palm oil industry’s deep pockets. When we win campaigns, it’s because thousands of members like you care enough to chip in what you can towards the cause, even if it’s just pocket change.

So please, will you donate CA$93 to help take to the streets and save the orangutans?

Yes, I'll chip in CA$93 to make sure the EU Commission hears our voices and ends palm oil subsidies!

Thanks for all that you do,
Rebecca, Fatah, Rachel, Tricia and the team at SumOfUs

More information:

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